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Trekking is always a succulent experience to those who love adventure and can sometimes turn into a nightmare for people who are used to sedentary city life if they are not prepared. Although trekking might seem like it needs a lot of physical efforts, trekking is the best way to relieve stress. Trekking involves a lot of interaction with the natural environment and it helps us to look at life from a different perspective creating a sense of oneness with the nature around us. Having said that what best place to go on a trek than The Himalayas.The Himalayas is a scenic beauty and never fails to steal a huge junk of our hearts.Let me tell you top 13 reasons why going on trekking to the Himalayas deserves to be on your bucket list.


1. Himalayas- The name says it all

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The Himalayas is the magnificent mount range in the whole world and has the highest peak. The mountain range spread across five countries is not only scenic beauty but also a famous place which attracts tourists from all over the world to seek peace and relieve stress. Trekking to the Himalayas can be a very overwhelming experience in a positive way and can evoke a sense of transcendence in the trekker.

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2. The local people and Food

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The local people there are very warm and welcoming. A night stay at their place on the way to trekking will definitely be a warm experience. Trying out their local home cooked food is to die for.
Momos are the best local food found there and momo lovers can relish their taste buds. Himalayan style fish, corns, fresh fruits and much more are there to quench the thirst of soul food.
Good food means good food and so yaaayyyyy, Himalayan trekking is a must.

3. Camping

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Camping in the woods along with nature can be a surreal experience. It is definitely something to look forward to. Consider what a different and joyful experience it would be for us who always sleep inside our houses with the air conditioning on. Sleeping in a tent along the riverside with breezy air can make us feel refreshed and can be a whole new experience.

4. Frozen River Trekking    

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Imagine trekking on a frozen river. There couldn’t be anything more exciting.
Frozen Zanskar River offers frozen river trekking which is one of the best experience one could wish for and can be very exciting and thrilling.

5. The authentic Himalayan Festivals

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The annual authentic Himalayan festivals are colourful, lively and magnificent. The trekkers can experience that as well in their trip. One such festival is the Himalayan Blues festival. There are a lot more traditional festivals like Hemis festival, Kalachakra festival, Lasoong festival and much more. These festivals can make tourists have a fun and lively time.

6. The Adrenaline Rush


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Himalayan trekking consists of high altitudes and is definitely a boosting place for the adrenaline junkie in you. This high and steep altitude trekking can be adventurous and very thrilling. Although definitely not suitable for fainted hearted people, this can evoke a sense of openness to new experience and can motivate to carry out new risk-taking activities in life.

7. Budget Friendly
Himalayan trekking would definitely not drill a hole in your pocket. It is very much affordable and budgets friendly if planned properly. Taking a homestay and cutting out on unnecessary hotel foods can make accommodation and stay very much affordable.

8. Company

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Taking a good company along with you on trekking can not only make the trekking experience easier and supportive but can also enhance the bond with the significant other you trek with. As the trekking is full of strenuous activities we definitely need a supportive company and also experiencing the scenic beauty with your company is a very good experience.

9. The fun activities

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There are other fun activities to carry out on the way to trekking in the Himalayas. They are paragliding in the Kangra valley and few other places, river rafting in the Himalayan Rivers, stargazing and cycling in Nubra valley, Siliguri Lake and much more. This place is not only about trekking but is an all in all fun package.

10. Hub for photographers and nature lovers

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This can definitely be the best place for nature lovers and photographers who can barge in beautifully scenic pictures here and there. There are also wildlife sightseeing on the way to snow leopard trekking and can be a good opportunity to rare wildlife species as well.

11. it’s an ultimate break from mundane life

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Himalayan trekking is not less than a week and can definitely be a break from normal mundane life. As said before it can change the perspective of a person and can rejuvenate the soul. It can turn out to be a lifetime wonderful experience and definitely is advisable to be carried out at least once in a lifetime.


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