Auroville at a glance

Situated in the union territory of Pondicherry, Auroville is wholly and solely based on the principles of peace,harmony, sustainable living and ‘divine consciousness’. This experimental township was started in 1968 with the backing of UNESCO. Currently, people from around 49 different countries reside in this unique township. A weekend plan to this strange yet vibrantly positive location is worth the time.

Things to do inĀ Auroville

Auroville Beach

Considered to be one of the best beaches in the Eastern coast of India, the Auroville Beach has earned quite a name and is an excellent place to visit. Popularly known as Auro beach, it is lined with soft, golden and black volcanic sand, on the shores of a roaring sea. Swimming, surfing and water sports are major activities to do here apart from a leisure stroll down the beach of course.

Cinema Paradiso

The Multimedia Centre (MMC) of Auroville, also known as Cinema Paradiso, is a 120 seat theatre in Auroville where films are screened on a regular basis, almost every night. Several times a year, thematic film festivals are held to commemorate festivals and nature.


Matrimandir, translates to ‘Temple of the Mother’ is a sweet dedication to the Mother of Sri Aurobindo Society, Mirra Alfassa who laid the foundation to this glorious township. This place is uniquely constructed and resembles a golf ball (Ferrero Rocher to be exact). Often describes as the “Soul of Auroville”, this place must be utilized for individual meditation and contemplation. This spot must not be missed at Auroville.

What to eat in Auroville : Local Food and Cuisine

There are many restaurants and cafes in this place. It has a lot of plush restaurants, not in terms of the prices they charge but in terms of the cuisines that they have on offer. This is kept in mind to cater to the large number of foreign tourists that Auroville gets each year. The most popular restaurants are The Solar Kitchen and La Terrace. One can find all sorts of cuisines out here ranging from exquisite Italian to traditional South Indian dishes. Auroville is truly a foodie’s heaven.