Things to do in Baghmara

Places to visit in and around Baghmara

Baghmara Reserve Forest

The Baghmara Reserve Forest is one of the most famous place to visit around Guwahati with natural attractions of this place. There is an abundance of elephants, birds and langurs. Elephant Riding is an exciting activity to do here near Guwahati. This fabulous park is located at a distance of 4 kms from Baghmara town.

Baghmara Tyisam Festival

The Baghmara Tyisam Fest is a 3-day fest that is held in December. Carried out with a lot of zeal and extravagance, this festival is a witness to tons of activities ranging from drumming to beach football and fancy dress competitions. With a lot of things to do near Guwahati, the delicacies of the region will also be showcased in this amazing event.

Siju Bird Sanctuary

Visiting the Simsang River, Siju Caves and not making an effort to check out the Siju Bird Sanctuary would be a disgrace. This sanctuary, situated just four kms from the Siju caves is host to a very exquisite species of birds – the Siberian duck. It is one of the longest caves in the Indian Sub-continent and contains some of the finest river passages to be found any where in the world. There are magnificent limestone rock formations inside, especially named princes, Di’s chamber by the excavators will fill any visitor with awe. This place is a must visit near Guwahati when visiting Baghmara.


A good place to visit with time to spend some time alone, this river offers a good view amidst peaceful surroundings. Simsang river is known as Someshwari when it enters Bangladesh. This is a prominent river and is often deemed as the life source of this area.

What to eat in Baghmara

Local Food and Cuisine

Pertaining to the conditions of being a small town, Baghmara certainly does not enjoy a host of chain restaurants or food joints. The only sources of food, if not good food are the roadside stalls or the messes of the tourist lodges present here. One can also try some delicacies in the houses of the locals, given the fact that they are very friendly and courteous. The staple food of the people is rice with spicy meat and fish preparations


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