Bardhaman at a glance

With a convergence of religion, nature, man-made marvels and the proverbial old world charm – Bardhaman is an ideal fit for a weekend getaway. The history of Burdwan(another name of Bardhaman) is known from about 5000 BC . This ancient town is a perfect spot to visit for history lovers.

Things to do in Bardhaman

108 Shiv Mandir

Perhaps the most unique and enticing structure in all of Bardhaman, the Shiv Mandir is a major tourist attraction at Bardhaman. The reason it is known as 108 Shiv Temple is because, there literally are 108 small temples present side by side in a beautiful vertical pattern.

Curzon Gate

The majestic Curzon Gate was famously erected in 1903, by the king of Burdwan Maharaja Bijoy Chand Mahatab to celebrate Lord Curzon’s (then Viceroy of Bengal) visit. The royal palace is situated at a distance of 1 km from this majestic gate. This structure is sure to grab the attention of anyone.

Damoder Riverside

The city of Bardhaman is located on the banks of River Damodar. Tourists can sit on the banks of the river and enjoy a picnic or they can hire a boat and enjoy the gentle waves, especially on a pleasant day. The riverside is usually packed during weekends.

Golap Bagh

The Golap Bagh which literally means the garden of roses is arguably the most beautiful tourist place in Bardhaman. This Botanical and Zoological garden established by the King Bijoy Chand Mahatab in 1884. Housing nearly 150 different types of trees including mango, casuarina, eucalyptus, jaam and shimul, this place is a delight to visit.

Kalyaneshwari Temple

Located on Grand Trunk road, a few kms off Barakar, this beautiful temple dedicated to Goddess Kali has a unique story of its own. Built around many decades ago, the temple is believed to have been a haven for dacoits, where they stayed and also offered prayers. Legend has it that human sacrifices were offered at Kalyaneshwari in the remote past. This interesting temple is a major crowd puller.

Kankeleshwari Kalibari

This amazingly intricate structure of Goddess Kali is located in Brishnu Mandir in Kanchan Nagar. The goddess Chamunda is depicted through this sculpture. The Idol of the temple was found during 1700 AD in the adjacent river, Damodar. The idol was engraved on a single black Basalt stone, believed to be of the pre-Aryan age. It resembles the human skeleton with the muscles, bones, vein, artery and the nerve system clearly depicted. This temple too, is quite an inquisitive place to go.

Krishnasayar Park and Lake

In 1691, the then king of Bhardam constructed a huge artificial lake -Krishnasayar on nearly 33 acres of land. Later an equally beautiful park was built around it by the Krishasayar trustee board. This popular retreat is famous for boating and sight-seeing and also houses an aquarium. The park hosts a local fair that is quite popular, during January 1st-10th.

Meghnad Saha

Planetarium Inaugurated in 1994, the planetarium has a unique story. It was built by a Japanese Optical Company with assistance from the Japanese and Indian governments. Named after an Indian scientist, the it displays many stellar exhibitions in an automated show.


Rajbati or Mahatabmanjil was built by Mahatab Chand Bahadur, back in in 1851. This imposing building houses the administrative office of the Bardhaman University. The entire architectural outlook is extraordinary to look at.

Sarbamangala Temple

The temple is highly revered by the natives of Bhardaman. It is also believed that the Goddess fulfills every wish of an earnest heart. This temple situated in Sarbamangala Road. The idol of the temple- an 18 handed goddess Durga, is more than 2500 years old. This is one of the prominent temples in entire West Bengal.

Science Center

Another endeavor by the University of Bhardwan, along with the Central and State Governments- the science center is a classic spectacle of scientific evolution. The game of moving balloons, balls, the magic of chemistry, the secret behind flying objects and others are displayed here.

The Deer Park

The Deer Park is Bhardaman’s very own mini dose of Wildlife. The park is hoome for numerous animals including deers, birds, leopards and tigers. The place also has a guest house if you wish to spend the night. The tomb of Bijoy Chand Mahatab is located at the end of the park. It is a wonderful destination to spend holidays with family.

Tomb of Sher Afghan

Numerous tales surround Sher Afghan Khan, his rise to power and eventual demise. Sher Afghan Khan who was the ‘tuyuldar’ of Bardhaman during Mughal Emperor Jhangir’s rule was accused of having conspired with Afghans against the king. Later, the widow of Sher Afghan, Mehrunissa, was sent to Delhi who was afterwards married to Jehangir and became the empress of India Noor Jahan. This place is visited largely by history lovers.

What to eat in Bardhaman : Local Food and Cuisine

Bardhaman offers a variety of richly spiced Indian foods, especially fish curry, which is the most popular food choice here. Sitabhog and Mihidana are two very special local desserts- a lot of local vendors across the city sell them.