Bekal at a glance

Located on the wide expanse of the Malabar coastline- Bekal is famous for its forts, backwaters and beaches. With its pristine charm and unexplored beauty, Bekal is a perfect choice for a weekend getaway.

Things to do in Bekal

Ananthapura Temple

Ananthapura Temple is the only lake temple open to all visitors. Built in 9th century, Ananthapura Lake temple is the original abode of Ananthapadmanabha, the deity of Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple in Thiruvananthapuram. This temple gained immense fame after recent excavation activities which unraveled many treasures.

Bekal Fort

Built by the Kolathiri Rajas, this beautiful 300 year old fort is spread across an area of 40 acres with intricate tanks and tunnels. The alluring scene of the sea shore and its exhilarating natural scenery and beauty attracts the visitors. There is also a beautiful coconut plantation in this court’s area. Being the largest fort in Kerela adds glory to its already magnificent fame.

Bekal Fort Beach

Covering a huge area of 35 acres, Bekal Fort Beach is considered as one of the best maintained beaches in Kasargod. One of the popular hangouts in Bekal and surroundings, Bekal beach offers a spectacular view of Bekal Fort. There are many recreational activities available to do here.

Chandragiri fort

The Chandragiri fort marks the monumental expanse of the Vijayanagara empire during its times of prosperity, even though the empire wasn’t centered in what is now Kerala. Situated on the banks of Chandragiri River, Chandragiri Fort is said to have been built in the 17th century. The fort offers a breathtaking view of the Chandragiri River joining the Arabian Sea. The fort is also a vantage point to watch the sunset, thus is a popular tourist destination.
Hosdurg Beach Hosdurg Beach, rich in flora and fauna is a perfect place to explore with family and friends. One will find Casuarina orchards populating the beach.

Kappil Beach

Spanning over an area of 25 acres; Kappil Beach is located 6 km away from the Bekal Fort. The beach bounded by plethora of picture perfect views will leave you absolutely spellbound.
Malik Deena Mosque Malik Deena Mosque with typical Malabar style of architecture was built by Malik Ibn Deenar. The place is a must visit especially during the Uroos festival which is celebrated with great fervor.


Nileswaram is a cultural centre where the Department of Archaeology runs the traditional knowledge centre. The place is adjoining the backwaters and deltas – offering a magnificent view to its visitors. The main attraction of this site is the palace.

Nityanandashram Caves

Nityanandashram Caves are a set of 45 caves containing the panchaloha(5 alloyed) sculpture of Swami Nityananda, which are definitely worth a visit. These caves are considered to be an engineering marvel even to this day and attract thousands of people from all over the world.

The Bekal Hole Aqua Park

The Bekal Hole Aqua Park is an adventure park which offers various forms of water rides to its visitors. There are pedal boats, water rides and water cycles. Located at a distance of just 1 km from Bekal Fort, this place is an excellent retreat for families.

Valiyaparamba Backwaters

Valiyaparamba Backwaters serves as a major fishing centre in the region. This stretch of backwater is one of most scenic in Kerala.

What to Eat in Bekal : Local Food and Cuisine

Bekal is known for its steamed and fried preparations. Steamed food includes Puttu, Iddali, Idiyappam, Ada. Fried food, on the other hand consists of Fish fry, Fried bananas, bhajji (fried chilies). Apart from these, there are a few popular Keralan delicacies such ascacies such as Payasam (rice, wheat, or coconut), Pickled mango Drink- Coconut water, Toddy (a local brew made of coconut water) as well as some refreshing locally available seasonal fruit juices.