Bhadrachalam at a glance

A cultural and religious extravaganza – Bhadrachalam is believed to have been the stage to many important and historic events of the epic Ramayana. Famous for the presence of Shri Ram’s temple, this religious center attracts many tourists from across the world. Many sages are said to still meditate in the surrounding forests. A weekend trip to this pious location is sure to mesmerize any person.

Things to do in Bhadrachalam

Abhaya Anjaneya Temple

Dedicatd to Lord Hanuman, this relatively recent addition to the list of religious centers in the town is one of the most visited temples, by both tourists and locals. This temple was constructed in the year 1998 by a devotee of Lord Hanuman who manages the temple. The temple has excellent carvings of several deities in its premises.

Bhadrachla Rama Temple

A popular temple in the area, it houses several smaller temples inside of various gods and goddesses. Also visit the museum inside which has on display jewelry of Ramadas and many more items. Located on the shores of River Godavari, this temple is probably the most famous temple with a unique backstory in India.


The modest village of Parnasala fosters in it history some of the most important events of the Hindu mythology. It is believed that Lord Rama, spent some time in this village, during the 14 years of his exile.


This is the meeting point of River Sabari and River Godavari, and offers its viewers some of the most beautiful views. There are a number of legends and stories attached to River Sabari, which too like almost everything in Bhadrachalam borrow a connection from Hindu mythology, to Lord Rama.

Sri Sitaramachandra Swamy Temple

An elaborate dediction to Lord Vishnu, this temple depicts all incarnations of Vishnu in its intricate wall carvings. Also found in the temple are some idols that one does not see every day. This temple too is excellently maintained and has rich standards in maintenance and offerings.

What to Eat in Bhadrachalam : Local Food and Cuisine

The town offers a wide range of vegetarian delicacies, while non-vegetarian food is not available here given the religious significance of the area. One can relish typical South-Indian cuisine here, which consists of Sambhar, Vada, Idli, Dosa, a teasing variety of Chutneys and more. Also try the Also try the Andhra or Telugu cuisine here with its many specialties. These include Muruku, Pakodas, Payasam, Bandhar Ladoo, Pickles and much more.