Places to visit in Bomdila

Things to do in Bomdila

Places to Visit in and around Bomdila

Apple Orchards



Seeing nature’s game has it’s own delights ! The Apple Orchards at Bomdila give such a feeling as well. The systematic plantations when fully laden with apples look beautiful and full. The view is fascinating and one of a kind. Make a point not to miss a visit to these orchards. The distance from Guwahati to Bomdila is 338 kms and is a perfect place to visit with a lot of things to do over a weekend trip.

Bomdila Monastery



Inaugurated in 1965, this abode to Buddhist monks and Llamas is the biggest attraction in Bomdila. The monastery is also believed to be an exact replica of Tsona Gontse Manastry, Tibet. The monastery also houses a beautiful Buddha temple, which is another main attraction.

Bomdila View Point



Clouds kissing the ground, the massive Himalayas towering all around, the panoramic view of the Kemeng Valley – not a single one of the will let you down. The view from up here is sure to take up a permanent space in your memory and its beauty will be unforgettable.

Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary



Also known as Eagle’s Nest Wildlife sanctuary, this place lies between Sessa Orchid Sanctuary and Pakhui Tiger Reserve. This scenic Sanctuary derives its name from the Red Eagle Division of the Indian Army, which was stationed in the area in the 1950’s. Part of a larger elephant reserve, this sanctuary is home to many avian, reptile and amphibian species. Exploring this sanctuary is an experience that cannot be described in mere words.

Lower Gompa



Locates at the end of the famous Bazaar Street, the main attraction here is the marvelous Tibetan architecture and the massive prayer hall inside. Also visit the Craft Centre located opposite to it.

R.R Hill



This is the higest point of Bomdila. At this height, viewers can see the roads leading to the Bhutan border as well as the one up Tawang. Along with that, the entire panoramic view of the Himalayas surround the viewer.

Tipi Orchid Reserve



Also known as Orchids Research and Development Cetre, this sprawling area is full of orchids of various varieties – nearly 20 species endangered. The entrance says, ‘temple of orchids’. Housing over 50,000 different orchid flowers, this place is a delight to visit and presents a unique experience of research tour coupled with nature’s glory.

Upper Gompa



It is located atop a steep hill. There is a monk school, a prayer hall as well as a Buddha Temple in its premises. This Gompa show cases various shades of life and also of Buddhism.

Arunachal Pradesh – Special cuisine



Arunachal Pradesh’s platter varies across the regions and tribal groups. These styles, methods of cooking, ingredients and elements of these tribal preparations are countless, and offers the state a very diverse, rich and dynamic menu. The staple food, like in almost the entire North-East region, is rice, fish, meat and vegetables. Dishes use very less spice and flavors from herbs, organic productions and bamboo shoots are used.Different styles and verities of Momos and Thukpa are popular and widespread in the area. So are boiled rice cakes, enjoyed widely as a snack. Pasa , a fish soup, while Noatak a fish curry are delicacies, almost essentials in a local platter. Chinese cuisine is also extremely popular and finds its distinct place in Arunachal Pradesh’s cuisine. Other than these is a rice beer called Apang found in the region.

What to Eat in Bomdila

Local Food and Cuisine

While the hotels, resorts, lodges etc serve food, the options for eating out are somewhat limited. One can only choose from some Dhabas and local joints in the main market area. Other than these, the few restaurants found here serve Indian, Continental and Chinese food. Typical North Eastern/Tibetan food is available here. Thukpa, Momos, Noodles, Soups are staple and can be enjoyed at a number of places.


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