Places to visit in Chamba

Things to do in Chamba

Far from the mad rush of city life, Chamba is a small town popular for its picturesque views lined with deodar and pine trees its apple orchards and various temples. Chamba has a very long history. This town is named after a local princess, Champavati. The distance from Delhi to Chamba is 596 kms and is a perfect place to visit with a lot of things to do over a weekend trip. This secluded, serene town is perfect for a weekend getaway.

Places to visit in and around Chamba

Bhuri Singh Museum


The Bhuri Singh Museum is a set in paradise if you are enthusiastic about Indian epics and texts. Originally written pages from the Mahabharata and the Upanishads are on display here, apart from the rare brass and copper engraved coins and such artefacts. This is a spot of great significance both historically and popularity wise.

Chamera Lake


Tranquility is just a by product of visiting Chamera Lake, as the tourists rave about how they can’t get enough of the beauty. The lake and the dam are complementary to each other and add to the view. Going on a boat ride during early winter mornings or simply daing into the crystal water will surely make you see life in a different perspective. Such is the charm of the lake!



Chamba is your type of shopping destination if you are into local handicrafts and everything organic. Central Chaugan is where you can find all sorts of stone and metal artefacts, which make lovely souvenirs, and the famous Chamba and Kangra paintings.

Church of Scotland


Just the spot for you if the words old world, library and architecture appeal to you. The Church of Scotland, built in 1903, is a quiet sanctuary for those in quest of lands that speak of antiquity, class yet still not intimidating visitors from all walks of life.

Hariraya Temple


India is known for the beauty it attributes to everything we have ever constructed. One of these aesthetic marvels can be found in the Hariraya Temple in Chamba. This 11th cenntury temple is built using the rare Shikhara styleof architecture on a stone platform. The dieties of Ganga and Yamuna are present in the entrance. This is a must visit place in Chamba.

Himachal Emporium- Rang Mahal


Handicraft lovers, rejoice! The Himachal Emporium, housed in Raja Umed Singh’s Rang Mahal in Surara Mohalla, is the haven of all things handmade. It is quite popular among locals and particularly among tourists. The emporium timings ate 10am-1pm and 2pm-5pm.

Lakshmi Narayan Temple


Now you may mistake Chamba to be a run of the mill getaway destination with temples and lakes, and you may wish to steer clear of the Lakshmi Narayan Temple, but we would advise you the opposite. With the construction dating back to 10th century, this is the most revered temple in the region. The main attraction of the temple includes the wooden chattries, which are built with regard to dynamic climatic conditions. An image of ‘Garuda’- Vishnu’s eagle is present on a metallic slab here. With so much history and splendour, this temple is not to be missed here and must be visited.

Manimahesh Lake


A trek not for the faint hearted for sure. The Manimahesh trek, stretching over 14kms lasts for 3 days, and is an extremely trying and testing trek. Attempt only in groups with a good supply of ration and your stamina in check.

Shopping in Chamba

Chamba shopping scene is popular for handicrafts, the really-in-demand chappals and pickles. Here’s where you can find them!

What to Eat in Chamba

Local Food and Cuisine

Chamba, being located in Himachal Pradesh has predominantly North Indian Cuisine. However, you can also find some local Himachal cuisine over here too. Madra, a native delicacy of Chamba is made of lentils like Rajma and Kidney Beans, cooked in a lot of spices and dry fruits. Yogurt is a key ingredient, and made nearly everywhere with alterations and tastes heavenly.


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