Places to visit in Chandan Nagar


Things to do in Chandan Nagar

Wrapped in the interiors of West Bengal in the Hooghly District is the small yet significant town of Chandan Nagar. This small town could have been in place of present day Kolkata had history gone as planned. At a distance of merely 50 kms from main center of Kolkata, this place is a good option for a weekend place to visit with an option of lot of things to do to experience the culmination of yester day’s cultures.

Places to visit in and around Chandan Nagar

Chandan Nagar Museum



Owing to its French influences during the many years of French rule, this beautiful museum houses numerous French and British artifacts from the colonial rule. The museum contains displays regarding the local history of Chandannagar, including the archaeological discoveries in the district since the Gupta period. This is a really good zone for tourists and history buffs.




Chandan Nagar also has a lot of picnic spots to offer. But the most popular and biggest one is the KMDA Park. Built over a sprawling 33-acre piece of land, the place offers dozens of picnic spots. With many exciting rides for children’s and a boating complex, this place attracts many tourists.

Nandadula Temple



The beautifully sculpted temple was built back in 1740. One of the few temples in the area, the walls are covered with idols and carvings. This significant icon in the city is indeed a must place to visit.

The Chandan Nagar Strand



The Chandan Nagar strand is the most important and popular pathway in all of Chandan Nagar. The strand is built along the Ganges river, lined with trees and lights.

The Patal Bari



Another very unique and yet equally beautiful offering by Chandan Nagar, the Patal Bari literally means the underground house. Its lowest floor is submerged in the River Ganga. The Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore frequently visited the place and appreciated a lot about the building. This interesting place with a lot of historic significance is indeed a must visit in Chandan nagar.

What to eat in Chandan Nagar

Local Food and Cuisine

Chandan Nagar is especially famous for its sweets and desserts. There are numerous shops offering a variety of sweets to tease your taste buds. The place is also very famous for its fast food, fish curry and street food. But be careful and try and eat even the street food from hygienic local vendors.


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