Places to visit in Chandipur

Chandipur at a glance:

Chandipur is a secluded seaside village of Baleshwar district stored safely on the coastline of Orissa. Chandipur is also locally known as Chandipur-on-sea. This place is famous for its beach and Horse Shoe crab. The water recedes back to upto 5 kms during ebb. This is a perfect weekend retreat especially if you are looking to spend some time in peace and solitude.

Chandipur beach:


Chandipur, a calm and serene site, is mostly unexplored by tourists. The unique specialty of this beach is the ebb tides that recede upto 4kms and tend to disappear rhythmically. The beach is clean and is a good place to relax alone or with friends.



An attractive place on the lap of nature which is ideal for trekking. Nilagiri protects Kuldiha sanctuary. These hills are also famous for the Jagannath Temple.

Panchalingeswar Shrine:


Panchalingeshwar, covered with the green belt shielded over Nilagiri Hills , is located around 45km from Chandipur. It is popular for the Saiva shrine as this place is dedicated to 5 statues of Lord Shive which are placed over a perennial stream.



Remuna is 25km away from Chandipur, is famous for the shrine of Khirachora Gopinath. It is a seat for Vaishnavite culture from centuries. . Khira (a special milk preparation) is the most delicious offering of the temple.



Sajanagarh is a village in Nilgiri Tehsil in Balasore district of Odisha state, which is 45km from Chandipur. This place is archaeologically rich and it is a seat of Shakti cult. About 5 km from Nilagiri, it is the shrine of Bhudara Chandi.

Shopping in Chandipur:

There are always too many things to buy in the vicinity. Though there is nothing very special here you can buy some delicious sweets and clothes which are cheaper here compared to other nearby cities.

Similipal forest reserve:


A wildlife sanctuary covering around 2750.sq. km is situated 100km from Chandipur. It is one of the few Tiger Reserves in India. It also provides shelter to leopards, Elephants, Deer, Crocodiles and Reptiles. This is a beautiful place to visit and the safari will surely rejuvenate you.

What to eat in Chandipur

Local Food and Cuisine:

Being on a sea side you can taste some of the best sea foods available in great variety of choices. This is the place where you can find cheap prawns, fishes and crabs. There are many restaurants and hotels which offer great sea food. Coconut water is readily available and is highly recommended, as it is filling and is excellent for health too. But if you are looking for beer or rum then hop into Sanju fast food on the beach or Tapan pan shop in the town.


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