Cherrapunjee at a glance

Coordinates: 25.2717° N, 91.7308° E

State: Meghalaya

Cherrapunjee is known as the wettest place on the earth as it experiences maximum rainfall on earth. There are breathtaking waterfalls that add to the beauty of this place.

How to Reach Cherrapunjee:

By Air: Umroi Airport near Shillong (approximately 91 km )is the nearest airport to Cherrapunji. one can hire a taxi or cab from the airport to Cherrapunjee.

By Rail: Guwahati Railway station is the nearest although it is 181 km from this region, bus service or taxis are easily available.

By Road: Buses for Cherrapunji Start from the Sohra Bus Stand in the Bara Bazaar area of Shillong. Bus services from other major cities are also available.

Places to visit and things to do in Cherrapunjee:

Dainthlen waterfall:


Pic.Credit: Wikimedia

These are one of the most popular falls of Cherrapunji – even for the locals. Legends have it that in the caves near the falls an evil snake was once killed. Located at a distance of 5kms from the main town, this place also has natural carvings of the legendary snake.

Double Decker Living Root Bridge:


Pic.Credit: cookies found

A ‘root bridge’, it is located in Tryna village. Made of the Indian Rubber Tree this is one of the biggest attractions of Cherrapunji. This place attracts many tourists from around the world owing to its unique bioengineering and beautiful surroundings. With a length of 100 feet, a walk on this structure is a unique experience truly.

Khasi monoliths:

The Khasi Monoliths are located in close proximity to the Mawsmai Falls. These are amazing underground mazes and passages of age-old caves. With many Khasi monoliths lying around and a lot still undiscovered- this place is ideal for explorers who wish to spend an exciting weekend.

Krem Mawsmai Cave:

CherrapunjeePic.Credit: Wikimedia

Just half a kilometre from Cherrapunji these caves are the most prominent of the tourist hubs. Considered to be the fourth longest caves in the entire Indian sub-continent, the highlight of these caves is a little pool formed inside as a result of five different rivers joining here.

Krem Phyllut:

Pic.Credit: shyamgopan

Krem Phylum is a cave sector. It has 3 different entrances and also has water flowing through the caves. It is a major tourist attraction and is ideal for exploring with friends or family.

Mawsmai Falls:

Pic.Credit: Wikimedia

These are the 4th highest waterfalls in India. At 1,035 ft -the falls prove to be a spectacle to witness with scenic surroundings and rich fauna around. Mawsmai falls are also known as the Nohsngithiang Falls. Probably – the icon of Cherrapunjee, these falls attract a lot of crowds.

Nohkalikai Waterfalls:

Pic.Credit: Googleusercontent

Just 5km from the city, at 1100 feet, these are the fourth highest waterfalls in the world. There is also an interesting legend attached to this place- which makes these fall more popular. With a number of viewing points present, one can savour the panoramic vista in full glory.

Nokrek National Park:

Pic.Credit: Wikimedia

This is a famous park in the state. Located nearly 45km from Tura, it is boasts of a wide variety of flora and fauna. This UNESCO bio-reserve has tigers, numerous species of cats including the marbled cat, the rare stump-tailed macaque, the pig-tailed macaque, Hoolock Gibbons and also several primates. Many species of birds can also be spotted here and this place is ideal for bird watching. Trekking, cave exploring, bird watching, boating, safari are some exciting activities to do here. This park is also one of the last remaining homes of the rare Red Panda.



About 2 km from the south of Sohra, this is one of the most visited sites by tourists. A large number of tourists from all around the world flock this site to see the great work by Welsh Missionaries.

Thangkharang Park and Ka Khoh Ramhah:

Pic. Credit: mouth shut

Located almost 13km from the city, it is a park under the State Forest Dept. The Khoh Ramhah Rock (in the shape of an upside-down basket) is what tourists come and see.

The Eco Park:


pic credit: wikimapia

Created in the plateaus of Meghalaya by the state government, it is a great attraction for locals as well as tourists. The Shillong Agri-Horticulture has given this park many beautiful orchids which are housed in the Eco park’s greenhouse.

The Mawkdok Dympep Valley View:

CherrapunjeePic.Credit: Ytimg

This place is a scenic viewpoint developed by the government. It lies at the beginning of the Sohra tourism circuit. This Prominent attraction is a place where one can truly appreciate the worth and beauty of nature.

Wakaba Falls:


Another scenic fall located in this area- Wakaba falls is also known as Seven Sisters Waterfalls. These falls almost become invisible during winter. At a height of 180 m, these falls provide an iconic view of the surrounding valley. With a beautiful layer of mist during mornings, these falls are a must-visit place for spending some amazing time.

What to Eat in Cherrapunjee: Local Food and Cuisine:

Cherrapunjee houses a wide range of food options including North Indian, Bengali, Punjabi, South-Indian and Chinese cuisine as well as their slightly unique Khasi versions. The local cuisine is rich, refreshing and zesty and one must indulge in it. Pork momos and Jadoh along with rice cooked with pork blood are the specialities of this region. Rice beer is a compulsory drink in celebration and ceremonies, religious or otherwise. Khasis ferment rice beer and through the process of distillation, making spirit out of rice or millets. Sohra Pulao is another unique delicacy popular here, prepared only with vegetables and oil, without using any spices.