Places to visit in Chikballapur


Chikballapur at a glance:

Located within 60kms from Bangalore, Chikballapur is a place close to Nandi Hills, Vivekanand falls and many other attractions making it a good weekend getaway from Bangalore. This place sure is a stress buster and an excellent place to rejuvenate oneself.

Bhoganandeeshwara Temple:


Constructed around 806 A.D. by Rathnavalli of Bana Dynasty in the Drawidan style, this temple is known for its ancient Architecture. This temple is located in the Nandi Village and is a good place for the history and architecture enthusiasts.


This is a town named after a Maratha Chieftain Chintamani Rao, famous for its gold, silver and incense trade. It also draws thousands of pilgrims to one of the oldest dargahs in Karnataka, the Murugmulla Dargah of Fakhi Shah Wali about 8 Kms from

Chintamani Kaivara:


A part of the epic Mahabharata, this place is known to be the temporary home for the pandavas when they lived in exile. Bhima, one of the Pandava brothers is said to have killed the asura (demon) Bakasura. WIth small and peaceful temple, caves and beautiful hills available for trekking and a legend attached to the place – Kaivara is a must visit location.

Nandi Hills:

Pic.Credit : Blogspot

Nandi Hills is located about 10 kms south of Chikballapur off the state highway 74. It takes about 7 km more to reach the top of the hill from the base. With a 12th century Dravidian temple and a famous fort, this place is filled with trekkers and has popular picnic spots too. Winter months are perfect to visit this place.

The Ranganatha Swamy temple:

Pic. Credit:Wikimedia

The Ranganatha Swamy temple or Rangasthala as it is known is situated 5km down Chikballapur towards the Gauribidanur village. This is a beautifully designed temple with a brilliantly carved stone statue of Vishnu and there are scriptures written in original Vijaynagar way on a black stone. Be sure to visit this place when visiting Bangalore.

Vivekanand Falls:

Pic. Credit:Maxresdefault

Situated 12kms from the Chikaballapur in a village called Kethenahalli, this is a beautiful waterfall. From the village, it is a 1km walk to the falls and no vehicles go there. Rainy season being the perfect one to visit these falls, also provides one with the beautifu sight of lush green fauna.

What to eat in Chikaballapur : Local Food and Cuisine:

The local cuisine here is dominated by south Indian delicacies which mainly include coconut or rice. Foods like idli, vada, dosa, sambhar are a specialty and even in the most modest hotels you’ll find some really good tasting food. Filter coffee is also famous here. Also, if you have a knack of pick of picking out well, there are fresh fruits available that can be quite refreshing.One can also have tender coconut which is available in plenty


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