Salasar DhamThis temple enjoys popular fellowship, every year a lakhs of people come here to pray to lord Balaji and then they come again on the completion of their wish to thank the lord.

Sethani ka JoharaThe region faced a terrible famine during 1956, Sethani ka johda is a water reservoir 3 kms away from Ratangarh, it was built then by the widow of Bhagwan Das Bagla.

Tal Chappar SanctuarySpread across 719 hectares, Talchappar was declared a reserved land in 1962. Talchappar has a unique ecosystem, with mostly grass covering the land, it falls on the way of many migratory birds who while flying back to their home, stay on for a while or for an entire season.

What to eat in Churu : Local Food and CuisineMost of the restaurants and dhabas in Churu serve local Rajasthani food with a North Indian touch. Rotis, Rice, Papad, Dal, Pickles and various vegetables will comprise most meals. Finding non-vegetarian food and bars will be difficult here.