Famous one day outing destination from Hyderabad.

When choosing a family outing spot, you always want to focus on the spot. You would like to choose a family outing spot that has plenty to do, is charming and relaxing.

Hyderabad is a city with many family outing spots, ideal for families and group and office outings. You have the traditional family outing spots that have always been popular and then there are unusual destinations that are great for a day family outing.

Places to visit near Hyderabad for family Outing.

Osman Nagar Lake


The historic Osman Sagar Lake or Gandipet is a great spot for a day family outing for those who want to get away from the noise of Hyderabad. Peaceful and relaxed, on the lake you can have a family outing, go hiking or go boating.

If you visit the lake right after the monsoons, the lush vegetation is breathtaking! So the next time you want to go for a day trip, gather your family, friends, family outing basket and bring some games, enjoy nature in the best possible way.

Sanjeevaiah Park


A popular family outing spot in the city, Sanjeevaiah Park is the ideal place for those who want to get away from the noise but not from the city. With some activities, the place is the ideal destination for a day family outing.

There are many boat rides on offer and there is a rock garden which is a great place to relax. The best time to visit the park is right after the monsoons, when the surroundings turn into a verdant oasis.

Lumbini Park


You could not call this a family outing spot, but a great place to spend a day in Hyderabad. Home to a great garden, a delightful waterfall and musical fountains, Lumbini Park is a great place to relax outdoors.

In the park, kids have fun riding toy cars and playing video games. Seniors can practice rifle shooting and many other fun activities. At night, stop for the laser show that is beyond fantastic.

Nehru Zoological Park


Nehru Zoological Park is one of India’s first zoos, where you can see birds and animals such as the large African elephant, chimpanzees, white peacocks and even rhinos up close and personal, of course in deserted areas.

The zoo also houses a Natural History Museum, Lion Safari and Nocturnal Animal House. There are also car rides and battery train that you enjoy at the zoo. If you don’t feel like riding, you can rent bikes.

Golconda Fort


Soak up the sun at the magnificent Golkonda Fort. Create an appetite by exploring the royal palaces and legendary whispering walls.

Famous for the ingenious architecture that causes its fantastic acoustics, don’t be surprised to hear applause for your great choice at family outing spots. Go back to the sound and light show at Golkonda Fort, it’s a magical experience.

Durgam Cheruvu


Hidden by 2,500 million year-old granite rock formations, Durgam Cheruvu is Telangana’s most famous ‘secret’ lake. Sit on this calm lake and relax while soaking up the fresh air.

If you are looking for some action, you can enjoy boating, rock climbing, trekking and there is even an amphitheater, art gallery and sculpture park to amuse you. The recent additions of an artificial waterfall and a floating fountain are just a fun quotient of the place. You don’t even have to bother having a family outing, as there is now a snack bar for some delicious meals.

Shamirpet Lake


A popular place to spend a lazy afternoon, this artificial lake created during the Great Nizam Dynasty is one of the most beloved family outing spots. A watering place for many birds, it is a delight for the casual and serious birdwatcher. Its rocky terrain is perfect for a little climbing.

If you just want to relax, have a lovely family outing in the shade of the trees and watch the sunset in a truly spectacular sunset.



A more unusual family outing spot, Pillalamarri or Peerla Marri is a large old banyan tree. How old? About eight hundred years. How big? It spreads over three acres of land and casts enough shade for a thousand people!

It’s so big that finding the main trunk of the tree would take days if you could. A mini zoo and bird park are additional reasons to visit, as is the science museum, with some interesting artifacts found in the area itself. Pillalamarri is great for the whole family.

Ethipothala Waterfall


Ethipothala Waterfall is fun to say and even more fun to visit, this famous waterfall is the culmination of three mountain streams – Nakka Vagu, Tummala Vagu and Chandravanka Vagu. With a fall of seventy feet into the lagoon below, the waterfall is humbling in its beauty and power.

There is a crocodile breeding center in the lagoon that forms the waterfall where you can feast your eyes on these ancient creatures.

Warangal Fort


Warangal Fort has been recognized as a monument of national importance and is a beauty! The architecture, crumbling after enduring many battles, still stands as a testament to its enduring place in history.

The craftsmanship that can be seen in the sculpture in the surrounding architecture, the magnificence of the fort’s three layers of fortification will astonish you. The temples inside are wonderful to see. A site visit is a great way to get in touch with Hyderabad’s rich history.


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