Famous places to visit during Christmas in India

It is the time of year when everyone in India prepares for the happiest festival in the world to help beat the winter blues. Christmas trees being festooned in shopping malls, huge discounts on merchandise in stores, the sound of clinking nonsense everywhere, and the sweet smell of plum cakes and candy floating in bakeries are tempting us all to turn this festive season into a uniform scenario. happier case. Christmas celebration in India is a huge subject especially in these places. Let’s check out some of the best places to visit in India over Christmas to make your holiday season happier than ever!

List places to visit during Christmas in India



Evening beach parties, friendly chats and cocktails in bars and pubs, cathedrals decorated with lights and flowers, and midnight masses in churches with children singing melodious songs … there’s nothing like a Christmas celebration in places hottest in Goa in December. If it’s not Christmas, celebrate Christmas in Goa and we bet you won’t regret it! You’ll never run out of fun and festivities in Goa over Christmas, which is why it’s among the best places to visit in India during Christmas!



If you like brightly lit sidewalk Christmas trees, shopping malls and markets filled with Christmas lights and props, and the delicious scent of fruit cakes and rollers of air this Christmas, you should head to Mumbai, one of the best restaurants. Christmas travel in India. With lights, smiles and music everywhere, Christmas in Mumbai is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit Christmas in India.


If Christmas for you is more about tempting cuisines and desserts, Christmas in Bangalore is one of the best places to go. Bathed in a lush festive spirit and rich in culinary delights, the city is spoiled for choice. On Christmas Eve, head to Koshy’s for plum cake and ginger tea, Thomsons Bakery for rum-soaked cake, or Caperberry for a tempting turkey dinner. You should also check out the Christmas events in Bangalore to make it an exciting and busy affair.



Not a lot of people on the beach? Would you rather go to Himachal and spend Christmas in snowy mountains? Himachal is certainly one of the best places to visit in India over Christmas, you know! So why not go to Manali for your fairytale Christmas, where you can play in the snow, ski and snowboard, hang out at fancy cafes, decorate Christmas trees and sit by the fireplace in your cozy cabin drinking hot chocolate. And waiting for Santa to arrive. If you like snow, Manali is one of the best places to visit during Christmas in India.



Just like any other festival, Christmas in Delhi is celebrated with great enthusiasm, which is why it stands out on the list of Christmas getaways in India. The elegant shopping malls and streets are elegantly decorated, clubs start giving themed parties, cafes and restaurants with special menus for the occasion, and you can feel the essence of all the festivities in the surrounding atmosphere. There is no shortage of fun places to spend time in Delhi when here for your Christmas celebrations. It is without doubt the best place to celebrate Christmas in India.



There is more than one Christmas holiday destination for those who dream of a white Christmas. Depart for the snow-capped mountains of Shimla in December, which becomes a paradise for Shimla’s best Christmas. There, you can catch a toy train watching the snow-capped mountains from your cabin, eat at the various British-era cafes and restaurants on Mall Road, and attend mass at Christ Church, among other things to do on your trip to Shimla in Christmas. Without further ado, discover what makes Shimla in winter one of the best places to visit during Christmas holidays in India.



When it comes to choosing the best places to visit in India over Christmas, Chennai is a great option. In addition to the songs and masses in its many churches, several hotels offer special banquets, clubs hold night parties, Phoenix Market City Mall hosts exciting activities, among many other fun festivities. Without a doubt, it is one of the best places to visit at Christmas in India.



Christmas in Hyderabad is celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm, laughter and joy hanging in the air along with Christmas decorations and street light displays. The churches are beautifully decorated with Christmas ornaments and people sing songs of songs at midnight mass. Several restaurants and cafes also offer discounts for enjoying a Christmas party.


Ooty is a mountain resort in southern Tamil Nadu state that boasts a plethora of impressive architectural churches and cultural diaspora that attracts many tourists from all over the country. The pleasant weather and picturesque beauty of this city make it one of the best places to visit in India during Christmas. The merry Christmas festivities can be experienced in the wonderful churches of Ooty. You’ll find all the traditions like midnight masses, Santa Claus, carols and Christmas parties in Ooty.



Gulmarg is the ideal destination if you want to experience a white Christmas in India. With snow, Gulmarg is a heavenly season in the hills, also known as the heart of winter sports. Celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and say your prayers in the beautiful churches of Gulmarg. Experience the chills as you celebrate the joyous festival with your loved ones wrapped in a snow-white blanket accompanied by a cup of hot chocolate, Gulmarg is certainly one of the best places to visit in India over Christmas.


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