Places to visit in Girnar

Parikrama of Girnar hillsThis is a massive annual event for Hindua. More than ten lakh pilgrims come to Girnar to carry out the procession. The procession of sadhus and pilgrims begins, and ends, at the Bhavanat Temple.

What to Eat in Girnar : Local Food and CuisineWhile the area is brimming with natural beauty and spiritual and religious significance, it tends to be on the limited side in case of food options. There aren’t any lavish or elaborate eating places. However local food joints provide decent food. Typically vegetarian, Gujarati Thali would consist of Roti or Rotlas, Dal or Kadhi, Rice and Vegetable Curries . Also sip into a refreshing glass of Lassi, Buttermilk or Chaas , while on you spiritual journey.


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