Guide to Kothaligad trek


There are hundreds of places about Mumbai which accomplish for ideal weekend stoppages. But on annual of their popularity, they abide abounding with tourists and locals throughout the year. So, how about travelling offbeat this weekend and exploring the alien ambience of Mumbai? If you are agog on accomplishing so, again you accept to plan a cruise to the marvellous Kothaligad Fort, which has in abundance a lot to be savoured. Yes, this is one of the few offbeat places about Mumbai that will absolutely leave you awestruck. From its actual acceptation to accustomed surroundings, anniversary and every affair deserves to be explored. If you anticipate Kothaligad is your affectionate of destination, again apprehend on to apperceive added about it.


Best Time To go Kothaligad

If you would adulation to acquaintance and adore the best of Kothaligad and its surroundings, again the best time to appointment it is from October until the end of March. Being a acropolis fort, a lot of the time during a year, the altitude aloft the acropolis charcoal bearable. You can aswell appointment it during the cloudburst division if the abundant blooming adorableness of the acropolis is at its peak. However, you charge to be actual accurate as biking trails and added means of extensive the acropolis become slippery, and appropriately chancy during the rains.


The History And Ambience Of Kothaligad

Amid at an acclivity of added than 3000 ft, Kothaligad is a acropolis in the Raigad commune of Maharashtra and is amid abreast the admirable boondocks of Karjat. The abject apple of the acropolis is called Peth, and appropriately Kothaligad is aswell sometimes referred to as the acropolis of Peth. The acropolis has a history addition aback to the 13th aeon and was congenital by a bounded king. Later on, it was disqualified by several added dynasties including the Mughals and the Marathas. As it is of abundant actual significance, the acropolis is an ideal weekend destination for history lovers. One can still acquisition a baby temple and abundant caves aural the acropolis complex. Being a acropolis fort, it aswell attracts hundreds of picnickers and attributes lovers every year. Don’t you anticipate you accept to plan a cruise to this amazing atom area you can savour history and attributes simultaneously?

Why You Accept to Appointment Kothaligad

Kothaligad is a absolute destination for those who are searching advanced to spending their weekends in the bosom of a auspicious and ambulatory atmosphere. Apart from savouring the across-the-board adorableness of Karjat and adequate the accustomed ambience of the fort, you can aswell allow in exploring the history of Maharashtra. If you are an architectonics enthusiast, again the admirable assets and carvings on the acropolis walls would absolutely absorption you.

How To Visit Kothaligad

By Air:

The abutting airport to the acropolis is amid in Mumbai at a ambit of about 95 km. Once you accept accomplished Mumbai, you can either appoint a absolute cab or use the accessible carriage to visit the fort.

By Rail:

If you are searching advanced to travelling by rail, again the best way is to yield a absolute alternation to Karjat railway abject and again from there, a cab to the abject of the fort. From the base, you charge to expedition up the acropolis to visit the fort. The ambit amid the acropolis and Karjat is 28 km.

By Road:

The arena about Kothaligad is able-bodied affiliated to all added cities and towns by road.



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