Places to visit in Indore

Annapurna templeThe Annapurna Temple, besides being a place for pilgrimages is also a tourist attraction. Dedicated to Godess Annapurna, the deity of food the temple also houses the shrines of Sivan, Hanuman and Kalabhairava.

Bada GanpatiThe biggest Ganpati statue in the world, Bada Ganpati measures eight metres in length. The statue is made of a peculiar mixture of limestone, jaggery, bricks and holy soil and water from the major pilgrim places in the country.

Chhappan Dukan

ChhatrisThe cremation places of the Holkars are known as the Chhatris. These are beautifully built and have intricately carved structures. There are some temples and other structures built around them as well.

Gommat GiriA set of jain temples built on the top of Gommatesher Hill, these Jain temples are 24 in number for each of the 24 tirthankaras.

Kanch MandirMade entirely out of glass, this Jain Temple exibits exquisite artwork on glass panels depicting the various aspects of Jainism. The intricate detailing on the glass reflects the talent and dedication of the artists.

Khajrana Temple

Lal Bagh PalaceResided by the rulers of the Holkar dynasty, the Lal Bagh Palace is class and grandeur personified. The palace is spread on a sprawling area of 28 acres and reflects the taste of the rulers of the Holkar dynasty.

Rang PanchmiAn extension of Holi called Rang Panchmi is a very famous festival in Indore and few tens of thousands of people gather in front of Rajwada and surrounding areas to get colored by the famous color cannon

What to Eat in Indore : Local Food and CuisineThe cuisine of Indore provides one, countless options for lip-smacking vegetarian dishes with a hint of a South-Indian influence on the food. Being a sparkling city and a rather unique hub of cultures in and around, this town provides one quite a variety. From the hustle-bustle of street food culture to an array of fine dining experiences, all choices here, are equally delicious. The cuisines that you will find here are Maratha, Rajasthani, Continental, Muslim and South-Indian, Bengali and Mughlai.Indore is famous for Indori Poha and Imarti. Adding to this list of essentials, you have Pani Puri, Vadas, Idlis, Dosas, Sabudana Khichdi, Bhel Puri, Poha, Chaat, Kachori, Samosas, Dal Bafla, Chole Bhature and a huge variety of traditional salty snacks called Namkeen. There are also a number of sweets to relish such as Jalebi, Malpua, Gulab Jamun, Rabri, Faludu Kulfi and more. Popular traditional beverages include Jal-Jeera and Lassi.


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