Kailashahar in a glance:

Coordinates: 24.3268° N, 92.0126° E

State: Tripura

Kailashahar is a municipal council city, the headquarters of the Unakoti district in Tripura located along the Bangladesh border.

How to reach :

By Air :

Agartala Airport is the nearest airport. Cabs are available from the airport.

By Rail :

Kailashahar has no station of its own. However, the nearest station is Kumarghat. Taxies are available from the airport.

By Road :

Kailashahar is well connected via roadways.

Places to visit :

Chouddo Devotar Mandir:

Source : https://www.pilgrimaide.com

The 14 deities’ temple is dedicated to Ama or Tripuri, the mother of the people of Tripura. It is situated atop a tortoise shaped hill with the Lake Kalyansaga to its eastern side.

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Lakhi Narayan Bari:

Source : https://www.pilgrimaide.com

Dedicated to Lord Krishna, this temple was installed by Krishnanada Sevayet. It has monumental value today

What to Eat :

The food that one can enjoy here includes Bengali, Indian and Chinese cuisines. Local cuisine that can be relished mainly includes rice, various preparations of fish and is simple in terms of style of cooking as well as the mild spices used.


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