Places to visit in Kemmangundi

Kemmanagundi in a glance

Coordinates : 13.547 N, 75.758 E

State : Karnataka

Kemmagundi is a hill station in Tarikere taluk of Chikkamagaluru district in the state of Karnataka. It is 1434m above sea level. The station is ringed by the Baba Budan Giri Range, with cascades, mountain streams, and lush vegetation. Kemmangund has ornamental gardens and mountains and valleys views.

How to reach Kemmanagundi

By air :

The nearest airport from Kemmanagundi is Mangalore aiport which is located at a distance of 121 kilometers. Flights from all major cities of India reach Mangalore airport.

By train :

Tarikere is the closest railway station from Kemmagundi and it is loacted at a distnace of 35 kilometers. This station is well connected by trains from Bangalore and Mangalore.

By road :

Kemmagundi is well connected via roads. One can find plenty of state run and private run buses from Bangalore.

Hebbe Falls :

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The prime attraction in Kemmanagundi, Hebbe Falls are not just a marvelous sight but also are said to cure skin diseases. Down the 168 m fall, the falls are divided into the Dodda and Chikka Hebbe Falls.

Kalhatti Falls :

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These falls have a height of 122m and a temple hidden away amongst the rocks. These falls have an increased footfall due to the religious attraction as well for Hindus and Muslims alike.

Mullayanagiri :

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The highest peak in Karnataka at 1930 m above sea level, the Mullayanagiri is located in the Baba Budan Giri Hills. Mountain biking and trekking are carried out amidst the pristine beauty of these hills. A Shiva temple is also located on the peak.

Rajendra Hill :

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One of the highest peaks in Karnataka, this hill at an elevation of 1448m is well known for its iron ore deposits. Tourists can view the transportation of the minerals from the hill after extraction.

Rock Garden :

The Rock Garden is home to multitudes of flowers of various species, amongst the pathways carved out of rocks here. An ideal spot for any nature lover to enjoy the feeling of spending an evening amongst nature and for a spectacular view of the sunset.

Shanti Falls :

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Located at a little distance from the Z point, these waterfalls experience relatively less footfall from tourists. Hence, visit these to witness pristine and modest waterfalls and streams with lush greenery all around.

Shiva Temple :

This beautifully constructed temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is a major tourist attraction in Kemmanagundi. Featuring some amazing rock art, the images of the deities here are a must see.

Z Point :

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The reward for the effort of a steep uphill trek, the serenity and beauty of this place is truly worth it. Providing a perfect vantage point, the distant grasslands in the Western ghats can be seen from here.

What to Eat in Kemmanagundi :

Though the area is brimming with lush green sceneries and waterfalls, the options for cuisine are somewhat limited in the area. One might have to stick to the hotels and lodges that may serve popular items across cuisines, other than which there aren’t too many eating places here. You might chance upon local fares like Dosa, Bisi Bele Bath, Idli, Vada, Sambhar, Kesari Bath, Mysore pak, Chiroti etc


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