Places to visit in Kohima

Dzukou Valley

This valley lies at a height of nearly 1500m above sea level! During the winter and spring season (Actober to March), this valley is paradise. It turns into a beautiful mixture of red and white with?rhododendron, lilies and wild flowers in their full bloom.

Japfu Peak

The second highest peak of Nagaland, this 3048m (abv sea level) mountain is one of the biggest attraction for many trekking enthusiasts. This peak has been used for trekking for a long time and hence there are many fixed paths depending on the weather and as per convenience.

Kohima Cathedral

The city of Kohima has had a really violent past and now, the city is making up for it. This cathedral too stands out in the city, providing a beacon of hope and peace.

Kohima Museum

Nagaland is truly an amalgamation of various tribes! The Kohima Museum portrays the traditions and culture of the many tribes of the state. The museum holds many unique artifacts related to different tribes of the region.

Kohima War Cemetery

This is, perhaps, one place in Kohima you wouldn?t want to miss at all. This beautiful site is dedicated to the 10,000 Allied soldiers who lost their lives during the Japanese invasion during the World War-II.

Kohima Zoothe zoo

It houses the state bird, the rare Tragopan bird, and the state animal, the wild buffalo. The zoo is created on a hill and the hill has been beautifully used to provide natural lands capes for the animals.


This is the home of the native tribe of Nagaland, the Ao Naga tribe. About 150km from Kohima and at an altitude of nearly 1400m above sea level, Mokokchung is considered to be the capital of the Nagas.

Ntangki Wildlife Sanctuary

Located 35km from Dimapur, this sanctuary is said to be home to a whole variety of Animals such as Elephants, wild buffalos, the rare Hoolok gibbon, sloth bear, barking deer black storks and a lot more! The National Park takes pride in it?s 200km square natural yet protected habitat.

Touphema Village

Located about 40 km from the capital city of Kohima is the Touphema Village. It is a cultural village where you get to know the traditional life of the Nagas in an intimate manner. You get to stay in quaint huts, enjoy bonfire dinners, cultural dances and more.

Nagaland – Special cuisine

The countless tribes of Nagaland give its cuisine unique flavors, colors, styles and a distinct dash of adventure. The Naga cuisine is primarily non-vegetarian and goes beyond the typical non vegetarian ingredients with dogs, spiders, pork, beef, crabs, cats, chicken and even elephants in its platter. The food here is generously hot and spicy, given the usage of Naga King Chili in most of its dishes.The everyday food of Naga people is rice with meat or vegetables. Smoke dried pork curry with Akhuni (fermented soya beans), Rice beer and snails are the traditional aspects of Nagaland’s cuisine. Koat pitha is a popular sweet dish to be relished, made with bananas, rice flour, and jaggery. Dried pork, smoked pork stew, boiled vegetables, bamboo steamed fish, roasted intestines, beans mix, bitter melon, chicken rice soup, crab chilllie sauce, naga ghost chillie sauce are the unique treasures of the area’s cuisine. Also, it is safe to say that the options for vegetarian food here are limited and will not offer the same variety as in case of local non-vegetarian food.

What to Eat in Kohima :

Local Food and CuisineKohima fosters both traditional Nagaland cuisines as well as a number of options for Continental and Chinese food and flattering choices for vegetarians as well. The local cuisine is dominated by spicy, colourful, delicious and a bit adventurous non-vegetarian preparations.The state has a somewhat wat westernized eating style. Pork, beef, mutton, chicken and also lots of jungle animals are eaten here. Delicacies prepared with bamboo shoots, ginger, Naga King chilly are also found. Also, Nagaland is a dry state and hence you won’t easily find beers and other alcoholic drinks. However, locally brewed Rice beer is available at places.


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