Places to visit in Kumbakonam

Kumbakonam in a glance :

Coordinates: 10.9617° N, 79.3881° E

State: Tamil Nadu

Kumbakonam is a town and a special grade municipality in the Thanjavur district in Tamil Nadu. It is located 40 km from Thanjavur and 273 km from Chennai.

How to Reach Kumbakonam:

By Air :

Tiruchirappalli International Airport is the nearest to Kumbakonam as it doesn’t have an airport on its own.

By Rail :

One can easily get regular trains to Kumbakonam from other major cities of the country.

By Road :

Regular buses run from other major cities of the country to Kumbakonam.

Places to visit in Kumbakonam

Adi Kumbeshwara Temple :

Source : Youtube

Believed to have been constructed in the 7th century A.D by the Cholas, Adi Kumbeshwara Temple is one of the grandest and the oldest Shiva temple in the town.

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Kashi Viswanath Temple :

Source : Wikipedia

Kashi Viswanath Temple is an important temple and is linked with the origins of the Mahamaham Festival. The temple is a beautiful representation of the Chola architecture and houses the deities of all the river goddesses in Hindu mythology.

Mahamaham Tank :

Source : http://navrangindia.blogspot.com

Located in the centre of the town, the Mahamaham Tank is a place of great reverence and religious importance for the people of South India.

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Nageswaran Temple :

Source : https://tripnetra.com

Constructed as a chariot, the Nageswaran temple is an important Shaivite temple. A piece of genius Chola architecture, it is an important Shaivite temple.

Sarangapani Temple :

Source : Wikipedia

One of the three major shrines of Lord Vishnu and one of the Divya Desams, the Sarangapani temple is a giant temple with twelve storeys high tower was constructed in its present form by the Nayak Kings in the 15th century.

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Shopping in Kumbakonam :

Kumbakonam is a great place for all the shoppers out there. A major centre of the silk industry and metal works. Kumbakonam is a great place to buy some exquisite silk products especially sarees.

What to eat in Kumbakonam :

Vegetarian food rules the roost here with Tamil cuisine dominating the local eateries. One can get authentic South Indian cuisines which will tickle your taste buds. Kumbakonam’s filter coffess’s is the best in all of South India.


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