Places to visit in Lavasa


Coordinates: 18.4097° N, 73.5066° E

State: Maharashtra
Lavasa is a private and planned city being built in the state of Maharashtra. It is stylistically based on the Italian town Portofino, with a street and several buildings bearing the name of that town.

How to Reach Lavasa:

By Air: One can choose between the Mumbai airport (193 km) or Pune airport (65km) as Lavasa doesn’t have an airport of its own. Preferably you should opt for Pune airport, as it is closer compared to the Mumbai airport.
By Rail: Pune junction is the nearest railway station which is 61.6 km away from the city of Lavasa. Thus well-advised to have your means to transport from thereon.
By Road: This place is still developing, so it is better to take your car. You can hire them too.

Sightseeing in Lavasa :

There aren’t many attractions in Lavasa at the moment. Most of the landscape is dotted with construction activity. Some boating can be done in the lake, but water levels are very low.

What to eat in Lavasa :

Lavasa has a blended cuisine, no one particularly dominating. One can find them ranging from Mughlai, Tandoori to Italian and American. The food here pleases visitors of all ages.


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