Places to visit in machilipatnam

Machilipatnam in a glance :

Coordinates: 16.1905° N, 81.1362° E

State: Andhra Pradesh

Machilipatnam is a city in Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh. It is a municipal corporation and the administrative headquarters of Krishna district.

How to Reach Machilipatnam:

By Air :

Passengers coming from other countries can prefer Hyderabad International Airport and from the airport, bus or cab can be chosen.

By Rail :

One can prefer Hyderabad Railhead to Machilipatnam train which takes approximately 8 h 20 m.

By Road :

Travelling on a bus is one of the ways to reach Machilipatnam from Hyderabad. The total journey between Hyderabad & Machilipatnam takes around 7 h 31 m in a bus.

Places to visit in Machilipatnam

Dattashram :

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Dattashram is a holy site nestled along with the sea housing an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. Another temple built recently is situated nearby is Datta Temple.

Machilipatnam Church :

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Another important shrine in Machelipatnam, Machilipatnam Church is quite popular among tourists and devotees. The church built in the 19th century comprises of prayer halls that were crafted by an English man.

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Manginapudi Beach :

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Once served as a major port, Manginapudi is currently a fishing village located on the shores of a beach nearly 11 km from Machelipatnam. This beautiful natural beach is unique for its black soil and also a natural bay comprising a shallow water level.

Panduranga Swamy Temple :

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This beautiful ancient temple spread across an area of six acres is dedicated to Lord Panduranga Vithal. Panduranga Swamy Temple houses a statue of the lord that measures 3 feet in height and resembles a lot of the childhood appearance of Lord Krishna.

Sai Maharaj Devalayam :

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Lying at the district court centre of Machilipatnam, Sai Maharaj Devalayam is a popular shrine located in the town. It is dedicated to Sri Saibaba of Shirdi housing hid idol and attracts devotees in large number.

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Shopping in Machelipatnam :

Machelipatnam is a beach town which is renowned for its unique and exquisite handicraft. Kalamkari fabric with beautiful floral and vegetal designs is a speciality of the town along with the Kalahasti wall hangings. Do not forget to buy them as a souvenir.

Temples of Lord Shiva :

Five ancient temples dedicated to Lord Shiva can be spotted in the town of Machelipatnam. These age-old temples situated at Amravati, Chebrolu, Samalkot, Bhimavaram and Draksharama reflects the rich cultural heritage of the town.

The Lighthouse :

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A 50 m high lighthouse on Maachilipatnam Beach is a sight of pure grace and beauty. Coloured in the bands of black and white, this lighthouse was renovated to the present form in 1982 and was completed in the year 1984.

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What to eat in Machilipatnam :

Machelipatnam being located in Andhra Pradesh mainly features the authentic Andhra cuisine. The food is a bit spicy but delicious at the same time. Do not forget to try out the famous Sheermala and Heleem while in the town. For vegetarians, sambar, idli and dosa are a good option. Double ka meetha, khurbani ka meetha, coconut laddu and Asamiya payasam are some of the popular sweet dishes that are available.


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