Places to visit in Manori

Manori in a glance :

Coordinates: 19.2077° N, 72.7833° E

State:  Maharashtra

Manori is a village located on Dharavi Bhet in northern Mumba. It is known for its beach and the Manori Creek. Manori is one of the go-to for a popular weekend destination among the Residents of Mumbai.

Places to visit in Manori

Dargah :

The Sufi Dargah is a religious place of worship of the Sufi community living in Manori. It is one not frequented by large crowds. Traditional music is often heard echoing from its walls, making your walk on the beach and the tree groves a much more melodious and calming experience.

Essel world and the Water Kingdom :

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Even though both these amusement parks are not situated in Manori island, it is a ferry ride away at Gorai and is a great place to spend the day at.

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Global Vipassana Pagoda :

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The Global Vipassana Pagoda is a popular tourist spot for people who visit this side of Mumbai on their trip and though it is not in Manori, people place this as a must visit site.

Manori Beach :

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Manori, the twin sister of Marve beach, which is around the corner offers you hours of mental peace and tranquillity. Minus the noise of the city and pollution, most of the beaches in the country suffer, this beach is known for its clear untouched sand undisturbed by industrialization and expansion.

Nath Sampradaya Ashrams :

The two beautiful ashrams of Nath Sampradaya are led by Swami Gagangiri Maharaj and his disciple Swami Gagan Anand Maharaj in Manori.

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Samudreshwar Temple :

Samudreshwar temple is a Hindu place of worship dedicated to the Hindu deity Shiva. Samudreshwar means Lord of the seas. This is quite a small temple right at the entrance of the Marve-Manori jetty on Manori beach.

The old Portuguese Church :

The number of churches that dot Manori is all to be named for as to why this little paradise is called ‘Mini Goa’. Most of these beach islands are home to the Catholic Christian locales owing to beautiful churches, small, but unique in their little ways.

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What to eat in Manori :

Owing to the Goan culture that predominantly exists in Manori, the cuisine is mostly East Indian and seafood. Even though most of the hotels that offer stay also offer great food, there are little stalls and vendors on the streets as well. One thing not to miss is the Gola and Panipuri on the beach.


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