Places to visit in Nalbari

Nalbari in a glance :

Coordinates: 26.4446° N, 91.4411° E

State: Assam

Nalbari is a town and a municipal board in Nalbari district in the state of Assam. Nalbari town is also the headquarters of Nalbari District.

How to Reach Nalbhari:

By Air :

The Nearest airport is Borjhar Airport. Very less number of flights are available from this place to other cities of India.

By Rail :

Nalbhari Station is very well connected to different stations of Assam. One can easily get tickets for Nalbhari.

By Road :

When travelling by bus, one must en route to Guwathi and from Guwathi to nalbhari as it is at a distance of 43 km. Also, one can enjoy the blissful environment.

Places to visit in Nalbari

Angradhowa Pukhari :

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Created by King Fenguwa, this lake was used to wash the queen’s jewellery with charcoal. And thus the lake got its name as Angradhowa.

Bagheshwari Devbahar Guri Dewalay :

Dedicated to Goddess Durga, this ancient temple is situated near Nalbari in Adabari. The temple was patronized by Kamleswar Singha, the Ahom king.

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Basudeb Devalay :

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Basudeb Devalay is a temple with a very fascinating story attached to it. It was built during the years 1718-1744 AD under the rule of Ahom King Sib Singha.

Billeshwar Temple :

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Billeshwar Temple is an ancient temple with an interesting past of 500 years. Located at Balsor Village near Nalbari, the temple is devoted to Lord Krishna, although it is believed that a Shiva Linga was found on the same spot.

Buddhist Temple :

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This old temple was created nearly 60 years ago by the people of Nepal and today it serves as the biggest gumba in the district.

Daulashal Temple :

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Another popular temple of Nalbari situated in Daulashal in the extreme south of the district, Daulashal Temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna and his brother Lord Balram.

Ganga Pukhari :

Ganga Pukhari, situated nearly 7kms south of Nalbari is a pond that was created by a Brahmin named Gangadhar. The place is mostly renowned for a fair that is organized annually on the occasion of Ashok Ashtami.

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Hari Mandir :

One of the major attractions for tourists as well as the devotees of Lord Krishna, Hari Mandir is situated at the heart of Nalbari town. Established in the year 1965, this temple is built on the land donated by Rambahadur Pratap Narayan Choudhury.

Jaypal Than :

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Jaypal Than is a temple with a certain myth attached to it. As per the legend, the temple was revealed by the Ahom king Sib Singh by a cow named Kapali.

Shopping in Nalbari :

Nalbari is a town famous for its bamboo and cane handicrafts, medicinal herbs, rice and tea. You can shop all these items at the local market of the town as a souvenir of this place. A Shopaholic would truly visit again Nalbhari for this market has so many antique articles to offer.

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Shripur Dewalay Mandir :

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An ancient temple dedicated to Goddess Parvati is said to have been created by an Ahom king, Sib Singha. As per the legend, the part of the body of Goddess Parvati or Sati fell here.

Sonkuhira :

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A spot of natural beauty, Sonkuhira is a major attraction of the town and famous picnic spot. It is home to a plethora of migratory birds and thus serves as the paradise for bird watchers.

Thetha Gohain :

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The sacred shrine of Thetha Gohain is built in a place away from the human habitation in a peaceful environment. It was established by the end of the 19th century on a piece of land donated by an inhabitant of Kamarkuchi, Janmi Majumdar.

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What to eat in Nalbari :

Nalbari houses some of the very fine dining restaurants and eating joints offering delicious authentic Assamese cuisine. Various different delicacies of fish are served here including Pauling Xaakor Maachor Jhol.


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