Purbasthali Bird Sanctuary

Located a about 8 kms off Navadwipa, this bird sanctuary is yet another offering to the thousands of tourists who make their way to this land of Krishna every year.

Pushpa Samadhi MandirA memorial to ISKCON’s Founder Srila Prabhupada, this place is one of the main attractions. The main shrine is surrounded by a museum depicting his life using different exhibits.

Radha Rani TempleOne of the most popular temples of Navadwipa, Radha Rani Temple is a symbol of Goddess Radha’s love for Lord Krishna. The tale behind the temple is that Radha got angry with Lord Krishna and went into the jungle to avoid him.

Shiv MandirAnother temple in Navadwipa is the Shiv Mandir. Contrary to the well maintained, modern looking temples, this temple has been preserved in its pristine form.

Shri Devananda Gaudiya MathDedicated to deities Lord Gaura and Lord Gadadhara, this temple is a few hundred years old, built in Champahatti in one of the islands in Navadwipa known as Koladvipa.

Sri Chaitanya Saraswat MathThe prime attraction of Navadwipa, the temple is devoted to Lord Chaitanya, a reincarnation of Lord Krishna who is believed to have been born in Navadwipa.

Sri Mahaprabhu MandirOne of the most revered temples of Navadwipa, Sri Mahaprabhu Temple is located in Srivasa Angan. The temple is subdivided into three shrines. The first is devoted Radha Krishna and Lord Chaitanya.

What to eat in Navadwipa : Local Food and CuisineThe local cuisine of the place comprises mainly of vegetarian Indian food. Being a religious shrine, Navadwipa doesn?t have a large variety when it comes to food. Apart from the local dhabas, some other eating places are open around various temple complexes, serving simple and hygienically prepared food.