Places in South India North Indians should definitely visit once

A destination is never a place, but a new way of looking at things. So is South India – a complete package of beauty and mystery, dotted with some incredible summer destinations and away from the heat and humidity. So while everyone will be migrating to the already overflowing mountain destinations in northern India this summer, we suggest that you keep the crowds and galleries away from these tourist spots in southern India. Unerringly beautiful, unquestionably unique and unbeatably peaceful, these beautiful South Indian tourist spots during the summer won’t let you down!

Hurry! Summers are just around the corner, as is the holiday season. Start booking now so you don’t miss your chance to explore the southern region of the country and also escape the scorching sun.

Places in South India North Indians should definitely visit once



Wayanad is a unique rural district in the Indian state of Kerala in southern India. This beautiful land of rice paddies is one of South India’s top tourist destinations. The green paradise of Wayanad is situated in the Western Ghats and is known for its beautiful culture and heritage. This rural mountain station has a plethora of flora and fauna. Have fun exploring this green land.



Ooty is without doubt one of the best summer tourist places in South India in May. Nestled among the Nilgiris, Ooty houses a plethora of picturesque trails, gardens, tea plantations and lakes, making it one of those beautiful South Indian places that people visit from all over the world. The calm and pleasant climate of these places welcomes all types of tourists – be it honeymooners, families or friends. Planning a vacation in Ooty to experience tranquility here seems like the best way to kill the summer heat.



Munnar is another famous spot among the top summer destinations in south India in June. Munnar is nothing less than a dreamland with deep valleys, breathtaking hills and beautiful tea plantations. Once in Munnar, visit the tea plantations to witness the tea harvesting process and also visit Anamudi Peak, the highest peak in southern India. In addition to the misty hills and lookouts, Munnar also pampers tourists with its handmade chocolates



One of South India’s most charming summer vacation destinations in June, Coorg is a mountain delight in Karnataka. Coorg is an incredible package of misty mountain peaks and fascinating waterfalls mixed with stunning scenery and great weather. Also a serene getaway for the bride and groom, Coorg is among the most beautiful places in South India for honeymooners. Your trip to Coorg will be incomplete without visiting the exceptional coffee and spice plantations.



Alleppey is one of South India’s most peaceful and relaxing summer tourist spots in June. Alleppey is an ideal place to quell summer fatigue and relax in the crystal clear waters of a cruise. Escape the warm areas and spend your holidays in the unimaginable and beautiful Alleppey. In addition to being the land of backwaters, Alleppey also spoils its tourists with sensational cuisine.



Yelagiri is the next stop on the South Indian tourist list. Home to one of the purest varieties of honey, Yelagiri is a lesser-known mountain season in Tamil Nadu’s Vellore district, which is beginning to gain popularity due to its natural splendor and scenic splendor. From trekking to hiking and paragliding, Yelagiri has a lot of adventure inside. In addition, it attracts tourists from all over the country to attend the annual summer festival, held in late May. The picturesque landscapes and dizzying lookouts make Yelagiri one of the best tourist spots in South India during the summer.

Ponmudi Hills


An absolute beauty, Ponmudi Hills is another best place for summer holidays in South India in May. The mountainous city is blessed with tea and spice plantations. Even less frequented by tourists, the hills of Ponmudi have no shortage of unique experiences in life. Also known as the trekker’s paradise, this South Indian tourist spot also offers countless other adventure and fun activities.


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