Places to visit in Pondicherry

Pondicherry in a glance :

Coordinates : 11.59 N, 79.49 E

Pondicherry is the capital city and the largest city of the Indian union territory of Puducherry. The city of Pondicherry is situated in Puducherry district of the union territory. Here are a few places to visit in Pondicherry.

How to reach Pondicherry

By air :

One can catch a flight to the Pondicherry airport located in Lawspet.

By train :

The Villupuram Railway Junction connects Pondicherry to the rest of India via rail.

By road :

Pondicherry is well connected to Chennai, Coimbatore and Trichy via busses.

Places to visit in Pondicherry

Arikamedu :

Source : https://www.thehindu.com

Arikamedu are the ruins which carried the remnants of the Roman trade in India. Recent excavations have brought out wine jars and ancient roman coins hinting on the Roman links in the ancient history of Pondicherry.

Aurobindo Ashram :

Aurobindo Ashram is the residence where the Sri Aurobindo and revered Mother Mirra Richard, popularly known as Maa, spent the most part of their life.

Auroville Ashram :

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Conceived as the ‘Universal Town’, the Auroville Ashram is a great epitome of community living. This is where people of different nationalities, culture, religion, traditions all come together to truly live in peace and harmony.

Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus :

Source : Youtube

This Gothic style building is a highly revered place of worship in Pondicherry. Visitors comprising of both tourists as well as devotees, who are staunch believers, visit to offer their prayers to the All Mighty here.

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Bharathi Park :

Source : https://www.tripadvisor.in

Bharathi Park is a well planned and well maintained park flanked by some of the most important government buildings on all the sides. Serving as a popular tourist attraction since the times of British, this place is ideal to relax and unwind.

Botanical Garden :

A popular tourist attraction of Pondicherry, Botanical Garden was established by C.S. Perrotet in the year 1862. The garden is home to several exotic varieties of rare plants as well as an aquarium.

Chidambaram :

Source : Youtube

Chidambaram is a highly revered temple town located about 58 kms from Pondicherry. The town is known for its several ancient shrines and historic buildings.

Church of Our Lady of Angels :

Also known as Eglise de Notre Dame des Anges, the Church of Our Lady of Angels is mainly renowned for its immaculate stone work. The beautiful texture of white marble is highlighted by using the fusion of limestone and egg white.

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French War Memorial :

Source : Wikipedia

French War Memorial is a stylish structure located in the Goubert Avenue and is dedicated to the soldiers who lost their lives in the First World War.

Gokilambal Thirukameswar Temple :

Situated 11 kms from the Pondicherry in small town of Villianur, Gokilambal Thirukameswarar Temple is a beautiful temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. However, one can clearly witness the French influence over the temple through their varied traditions.

Immaculate Conception Cathedral :

Source : Wikipedia

Immaculate Conception Cathedral or Eglise de Notre Dame de la Conception Immaculee Church is a beautiful place of worship established in year 1686.

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Meeran Mosque :

Source : https://www.trawell.in

One of the most revered religious spot by Muslims; Meeran Mosque was built about three hundred and fifty years ago. In fact, it serves as the oldest mosque in Pondicherry with a distinct type of architecture.

Ousteri Wetland and National Park :

Source : https://www.puducherryonline.in

A national park rich in flora and fauna, Ousteri Wetland and National Park lay 10 kms from Pondicherry town on the Pondicherry-Villuppuram road. Spread across an area of 3.

Pondicherry beach :

Source : https://www.thehindu.com

Pondicherry beach is a different kind of beach with less sand and more rocks. It offers a very peaceful place to its tourists and visitors to sit and enjoy the waves.

Pondicherry Museum :

Located in the Bharathi Park, Pondicherry Museum houses a fantastic collection of sculptures. It has the remains of the archeological findings from the Arikamedu Roman settlement.

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Raj Niwas :

Source : WIkipedia

Previously known as Palais du Gouvernement, Raj Niwas is an eighteenth century building presently serving as the residence of Lieutenant Governor of Pondicherry.

The Statue of Dupleix :

Source : https://www.makemytrip.com/

Commissioned in the year 1870, this 3 meter high statue was established to honour Francois Dupleix, who governed Pondicherry till 1754. This statue situated at the Place du Republique is built over amazing granite columns.

Varadaraja Perumal Temple :

Varadaraja Perumal Temple is an ancient temple dating back to 12th century and is of great religious significance. Situated in Villiannur, the structure of the temple is very attractive and is highly revered by its devotees.

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What to Eat in Pondicherry :

The food in Pondicherry is outlined with a dominant influence of the French cuisine, especially in its elements and styles. The Union Teritory also derives flavours from the neighbouring South Indian states and you can find countless South Indian preparations on its menu. Some of the popular items here are Baguettes, Croissants, a variety of Dosas, Idli, Coconut curry, Italian Baked Beans, Palpayasam, Podanlangkai, Assad, Stuffed Cabbage and many more.


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