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A Full Day Safari World & Marine Park with Lunch

Full Day Trip
SIC (Shared transfer from Hotel)
Tour Type:
Sight Seeing

3,500.00 2,900.00

Activity: Daily trip

Start time: 07.30 am to 08.30 am

NOTE:Please check with us for availability of this service from your hotel


Total: 2900


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Exciting day full of experiences and activities at a safari world and marine park. Witness species that are on the endangered list and learn about what is being done to preserve their existence. Then watch as trained animals perform breathtaking tricks and carnivorous animals are fed.

Don’t worry about navigating the hectic streets of Bangkok since your tour starts with convenient hotel pickup. Relax as a local drives you to the fascinating animal and marine park. First, you explore the safari which is an open zoo with creatures including rhinos, deer, bears, zebras, and flocks of brightly colored tropical birds all roaming and flying free in their carefully constructed habit zones.

See giraffes as they graze and try your best to fit their entire body and arching neck into the frame of one photo. Then visit a more protected area to see the jungle’s mightiest species—the Bengal tiger and African lion—as they are fed raw meat.

After you’ve explored the safari area, check out the marine park where dolphins energetically flip through the air as they perform tricks. See sunbathing, vocal seals, and a variety of other marine animals from all over the world. Then enjoy a buffet lunch before finishing your thrilling day amongst wildlife with a ride to your hotel through the bustling jungle that is Bangkok.


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