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Pondicherry Scuba Diving For Couples

Price is Rs. 26,000/- Per couple


Special offer


This program is a custom Discover Scuba Diving Experience program, designed especially for couples. Whether you are celebrating a special event with your loved one or just looking for an experience to share that you will never forget, Scuba Diving at Pondicherry is just for you.

It’s an altogether different sensory experience.

Aquatic environment outflanks one’s senses which are used to responding to terrestrial terrain. Navigation on telluric surface is effectively two dimensional since one is always attached to the surface. Navigation in water is a totally different story and involves a lot more parameters. You can navigate freely in three dimensions. There’s no concept of a path or a tunnel. You don’t keep a vertical stance while moving around underwater. It totally trumps one’s sense of direction.

The most stunning part of it is the unforeseen visual imagery. Marine life is replete with vivid colors and florid patterns. Even the inanimate world exhibits magnificent colors. A ubiquitous tinge of blue as a backdrop compounds the ocular intensity of marine objects. One’s naked skin appears uncanny pale under the pressure of water. Every movement is marked by elegance and smoothness. There’s no room for abruptness or precipitance.

There’s no concept of noise. You hardly hear anything other than the sound of your own respiration. Any change in altitude reflects as a difference in pressure exerted on one’s eardrums. One’s tactile sense becomes enhanced. Suspended in the middle of nowhere, one is awed either by the deep, inscrutable void beneath or variegated, surrealistic coral reefs garnishing the seabed.

It is an unparalleled experience.

Scuba Diving is regarded as one of the most adventurous activities all over the globe. It is one hell of a thrilling experience. So, what are you waiting for, couples? Go ahead and plan a trip to Pondicherry and book your private Scuba Diving at Pondicherry right away. Spend time with your loved one in a way filled with fun and adventure by enjoying Water Sports near Pondicherry. Spend your weekend getaway from Chennai in an adventurous way.

Scuba Diving at Pondicherry Cost = Rs 26,000/-


You and your partner will enjoy a private classroom and pool session in our discreet pool with one of our qualified instructors. Your instructor and Captain will then take you out to the sea on a private boat for your unforgettable scuba experience. Afterwards, enjoy a romantic cruise with a glass of chilled champagne and enjoy the sound of the water drifting by below.

Note: This experience is designed for 2 people, however we are able to adjust for 2 couples also (for an extra cost of 6800 INR per pax). If you want to customize it as per the number of people, please call us on +91 9700921107


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