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The sea diving experience will include theory training, a dive skills training session in the tub with our instructors, SCUBA equipment use, boat ride, snacks and deep sea diving experience.  This course is designed as an introduction into Scuba Diving, and is specifically suitable for non-swimmers.

Who said knowing swimming is a must to get into a water body? This Scuba Diving is designed specially for the people who don’t know how to swim. So go ahead and book your Scuba Diving at Pondicherry. Have a splendid weekend Getaway from Chennai with Fun and Adventure.

Day 1: Training session in the tub, between 12 noon and 6pm, takes about 2 hours
Day 2: Ocean dive from 6:45 am – 12pm
Dive day start times are fixed, finish times approximate.If you are late, you may miss the boat

Note: Minimum age is 10 years

Deep sea underwater photos of you can be provided at a cost of only 500 INR extra per person. Please bring a pen drive or USB stick to pick up your photos on the same day after your dive.

Note: May you please note that, you may not fly till 12 hours of your dive. So may you book your tickets accordingly 🙂

Cancellation Policy:

  1. If you cancel your dive
  2. Before the day of your program:
  • Up till 1 month ahead, deposits are fully-refundable
  • Up till 2 weeks ahead, deposits are 50%-refundable
  • After 2 weeks ahead, deposits are non-refundable
  • Up till 1 week ahead, booking dates can be altered
  • After 1 week ahead, deposits are non-refundable and booking dates cannot be altered.


  1. On the day of your program, because you’re unwell or seasick, and cannot complete a dive:

You can either:

  • Get a refund of 500 INR per missed dive.
  • Reschedule your dive for another time within 1 month for an additional 50% of the DSD program fees for DSDs, or 50% of the price of 1 day of Fun Diving for other programs.


  1. On the day of your DSD program, after the pool section, because of your inability to perform the necessary skills comfortably after committed efforts in the pool for at least one hour, then you will only be charged for the theory intro, the pool session, the certification, the booklet, hence getting a 2,500 INR discount on the full program charges.


  1. If we cancel your dive
  2. Because of unforeseen circumstances (weather, logistical problem, etc.),

You can either

  • Reschedule your dive at any available date of your convenience for free
  • If applicable, dive our fresh water Quarry instead with a discount of 1500 INR on your program (not applicable for courses)
  • Get a full refund for 1 day-programs (including DSDs), or a refund of 1 day of Fun Diving for multi-days courses.


  1. Because you don’t show up, are late (7am cut-off for the boat), drunk, hung-over, or other similar state deemed by our staff to be unsafe to dive
  • You lose your deposit, as you took away the seat for another paying customer.


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