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New Year Camping in Bangalore

Activity: Camping
Duration: 1 Night 1 Day
Location: Mudfest Outdoors, Bangalore


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Enter 2018 out in the woods, amidst nature, besides the bonfire with your besties and below millions of stars. A NEW YEAR event like no other, “AROUND THE CAMPFIRE”, a new year Camp Out edition!

It’s the most blissful moment to be in after a cold night by the bonfire and a night full of music and conversations to welcome the New year!

Mudfest Outdoors brings to you “AROUND THE CAMPFIRE” – Camping for New Years. Hell Yeah!! It gets better, you can bring your own Food, Liquor, Pets and even Fireworks! It doesn’t stop there, there will be music throughout the night, food stalls, bonfires, sky lanterns and the list goes on and on.

This is just the kind of New Year’s celebration you were looking for so don’t wait any longer and book your tickets now!

Things you can do:

  • BYOB and drink to your content
  • Blast music as loud as your car/Bluetooth speakers can handle
  • Dance by the bonfire until morning
  • Sing as beautiful or messy as you’d like
  • Bring your pets and let them enjoy the open air
  • Bring your kids, this is probably the biggest open space they have seen
  • Indulge in mouthwatering food cooked fresh by the bonfire
  • Sleep in Tents


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Cancellation Policy: Non-Refundable

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1 Night 1 Day


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