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Pin Parvati Pass15 Days Trek


Few high passages across the main Himalayas spine provide the variety and rewards of high level trek as does the Pin Parvati, connecting the tributary of the Beas which it joins near the Bhunter and the Pin which flows into Spiti. With extreme difference in climate, Pin valley is much more rugged and barren than the Parvati valley. This cold desert valley with its snowy crags, cliff and crevasses, jagged rocks and other fossils make Pin valley a unique geological lab. Winter plays havoc here as ferocious blizzards and snowstorms send the glaciers cracking, ravaging the valleys rugged moonscape. But its long rain free summer is a prime time for the adventurers to see Spitis wild life in motion when the predatory snow leopard, red fox, marten, weasel, Himalayan Pika, bearded vulture, golden eagle, lynx and Tibetan wolf roam in the park- (area is conserved as a national park since 1987).

Setting off from Manikaran on our 10 days trek, we start trek through thick Alpine forest. A rewarding moments awaits us at Khir Ganga that is an open air natural hot sulphur bath. Progressively at first through dense alpine forest, followed by bushes, lakes, wild flower, pasture, peaks with long glacier, beginning to north lunar landscapes, sky rocketing peaks that illuminate the valley in dazzling hues of white, gray, green and golden yellow with the rising sun. Pin valley promises lingering pictures of starkness and rugged beauty of the Himalayan Cold Desert. Further crossing natural rock bridge at Pandu we arrive at Mantalai Lake. At top of Pin Parvati 5319 mtrs we will have panoramic view of numerous peaks: Parvati South, Parvati North, Pinnacle, Kullu Eiger all above 6`000 m. The pass itself is a transition zone between 2 different worlds. The trek ends at the small picturesque village of Sagnum / Mikkim, surrounded by lovely barley fields. From here, a jeep safari into the Spiti valley offers opportunities of visiting beautiful ancient gompas of Kungri, Tabo, Dhankar, Lahlung and Ki as well as Kibber and Tashi Gang; 2nd highest permanently inhabited villages in the world, before returning to Manali.

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If you are wondering for trekking in Manali. then trekking in Himalaya at an altitude of 5319 meter high at Pin Parvati Pass is a great trek for seasoned trekkers. The best season to pin valley trek is in the month of July to September. The most beautiful region during the trek is the Pin Parvati valley of Spiti. The amazing trek tour begins via crossing over the flourishing green Parvati valley and beautiful Landscapes in Kullu which falls in the range of Great Himalaya into the Spiti valley. The heavy snow fall gives an alpine feeling and experience to remember for life time.

The stunning dazzle view of The Pin Parvati Pass (100 km stalk) is full of adventure and thrills. It is a risky and difficult pass because of high altitude, lengthy crossing area away from surroundings and heavy snow fall for almost whole year. The name Pin Parvati Pass is derived after the linking of Parvati valley in Kullu and Pin valley in Spiti.
Pin Valley Trek is an ultimate stunning trek with spectacular sceneries and views of 11 days long. The trek begins with Kullu and straight away driving to Barsheni Village. On the way while travelling Trekkers enjoy the experience of thick alpine forest, wild flower, lakes, wide glaciers crest, lush greenery, grazing land and North planetary landscape. The Pin valley builds an incredible hue with the sunrise. Continuing the travelling to holy place of Hindu Khir Ganga gives a change to take a deep bath in hot spring water tank. This place is devoted to Lord Shiva. The tour is followed by Tunda Bhuz were camping is made at lush green areas surrounded by number of birch trees. Travelling at a distant of 5 hours when trekkers reach to Thakurkuan enjoy the visit to “Wild life sanctuary Kanawar”. Beautiful Himalayan flowers, irregular rocky bridges gives an appealing view when trekkers get ahead of from Parvati side Base camp to Pin side Base camp above Pin Parvati pass at a height of 17,500ft after travelling for 8 hours. Climbing at upper higher altitude increases the difficulty level of trekking as snow falls and rainfalls makes the area slippery. So, the advisors suggest to take extra precaution for a save trek while trekking from Pin valley side camp to Wichkurung Thatch. Mud is the largest pin valley which comes while trekking in Manali. The trek ends with beautiful picturesque, inhabited villages while driving from Kaza to Manali for 9 hours. The overnight can be stayed in Manali and travelers depart from Delhi to their desired places.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and book a trip to Himachal Pradesh and enjoy the Pin Parvati Pass trek with fun and adventure.


Day 01: Arrival in New Delhi.

Arrival at IGI airport New Delhi, drive to hotel, rest and relax.

Day 02:

New Delhi – Manali (2050m). Drive. Departure to Manali by deluxe coach, 14 hrs

Day 03: Manali: Acclimatize.

Arrival at Manali by 09:00 hrs, coming to Manali deluxe night buses, afternoon explore in around Manali.

Day 04: Manali – Manikaran (1700m) – Pulga (2100m) drive 84 kms, 3 hrs. Trek to Khir Ganga (2850m) 4/5 hrs.

Today leaving Manali we drive 84 kms to Manikaran. Manikaran is famous for its hot water springs and ancient temples. The trek winds through some small villages. Below Pulga ascend through the pine forest to reach at Pulga. Trek leads through coniferous forests, waterfalls and various villages, camp at Khirganga. An open meadow and hot springs at the distance of 100m up the meadow.

Day 05: Trek to Tunda Bhuj (3200m) 5/6 hrs.

There is a steady ascend out of the gorge, the valley then widens and trail crosses several delightful pastures supporting a variety of wild flowers in the summer. Camp at Tunda Bhuj there are fine alpine views down the valley and waterfalls tumbling down the cliffs on the opposite side of the valley.

Day 06: Trek to Thakur Kuan (3400m) 5 hrs.

Trek through birch grooves, rocks and dense vegetation then trail descends to the riverbank. Cross Parvati River on a newly wooden bridge and climb gently for 1:30 hrs Just before campsite again cross river by cable, overnight camp at Thakur Kuan.

Day 07: Trek to Odi Thach (3900m) 5/6 hrs.

Trail passes through several Gaddi encampments before crossing a side river a natural rock bridge.Just above this natural rock bridge called Pandu Bridge. According to Hindu mythology the bridge commemorates the retreat of the Pandva brothers to the Spiti and Tibet. Our campsite is at just below the Kullu Eiger.

Day 07: Trek to Mantalai (4100m) 7 hrs.

The trail then ascends gradually through a series of flowered meadows intercepted with boulder field brought down by many side streams. Just before Mantalai, 200mt. Ascend over the boulders field to abroad plateau. Camp at Mantalai.

Day 09: Trek to base camp (4550 m) 6 hrs.

Trek is now through boulder and scree out of the main valley. The trail crosses a series of meadows before a further steep climb leads to base of Pin Parvati pass.

Day 10: Trek to Pin Parvati pass 5314 m. camp by the river (4810m) 7/8 hrs

Today steep ascend over boulders to a large snowfield below the pass. Then trail step up to the Pin Parvati pass over snowfield. The pass provides magnificent view snowcapped ranges. Descent from the pass is a gradual over a snowfield initially; it becomes steep in many places, camp by the river.

Day 11: Trek to Tiya (3900m) 5/6 hrs.

Today we descend slowly along the left banks of Pin River, walking on the loose rocks and many small streams to cross. Trail then leads small plateau above the valley then it leads down to a grassy campsite of Tiya.

Pin valley is a national park known as land of Ibex and Snow Leopard. The most interesting to see is Chamurti horses, which are popularly called the camel of cold desert. The lifeline of this difficult terrain, Spiti and Chamurti are among the six recognized finest breeds of horses in India. Pin valley is protected area, with Rupi Bhaba wild life sanctuary to its south and Great Himalayan National Park to its southwest.

Day 12: Trek to Mud (3600m) 5 hrs, drive to Dankhar (3980m), Kee – Kibber (4205) – Rangrik camp.

Trail goes down to the valley is gradual walk. Just before reaching Mud it is little bit difficult. Reaching Mud we say goodbye to our porters and drive through Pin River valley crossing villages of Sagnum, Kungri, Mikkim . We drive to visit Dankhar, located on top of small hill. Dankhar the traditional capital of Spiti kingdom, now road continues to Lalung – last village in Lingti valley. We drive back to Lingti where Pin and Lingti joins the Spiti. We continue to drive to Kaza and at first we visit Kee, 10 kms to Kibber and finally we drive back to Rangrik camp.

Day 13: Drive to Losar (4000m) – Kunzom la (4551m) – Rohtang pass (3978m) – Manali.

Today leaving early we drive to Losar – last village in Spiti valley, after Losar road climbs up to Kunzum la pass (4551m.), which connects Lahoul with Spiti. The panorama as viewed from the top of the pass is enthralling and inspiring. 8 km. Walking gradually downwards to the lake of moon-Chandertal lake. A vast meadows around the lake carpeted with alpine flowers, is an ideal place for camping. Crossing Kunzom we drive along the Chandra River to Gramphu and road climbs up to Rohtang pass. Manali is 51 kms from, overnight hotel.

Day 14: Manali – New Delhi.

Depart to New Delhi either by taxi in the morning or by deluxe bus, that leaves 16:30 hrs. arriving New Delhi by next morning at 06:00 hrs.

Day 15: fly back to home.


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