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Tiger Park Pattaya

2 - 3 Hrs
SIC (Shared transfer from Hotel)
Tour Type:
Sight seeing


Activity: Daily trip

Timing: 9.00 am – 6.00 pm

NOTE:Please check with us for availability of this service from your hotel


Total: 2600


Special offer


This is not a tiger farm which aim is to grow tigers for sale and exchange. This is a park where tigers and humans live peacefully together. Our tigers are brought up by and with people and are not even a bit dangerous. Since the birth they are trained by professionals and they know well that they mustn’t bite or scratch. They are very friendly and treat people as friends, not as their potential lunch. A trainer will stay with you in the cage and will help move the tiger and change its position if necessary. Tigers of different age stay in different cages and you can choose which cages you would like to visit. Package offers are also available . If you take photos with your cameras, extra payments for photos are not charged. Guests of Pattaya Tiger Park can be absolutely sure that they are safe here.

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Different Tiger Options

Smallest tiger, Small tiger, Medium tiger, Big tiger


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