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Trekking to Elephant Beach with Guide

4 -5 Hours

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  • Refreshments
  • Jungle Guide during Trekking
  • Trek to Elephant beach
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Trekking to Elephant Beach

A guided adventure trip to the Elephant beach. Usually, it is visited through boat, however for people who wish to get immersed in the beauty of the islands we suggest trekking to the Elephant beach. An expert guide who knows the turf accompanies you during the trek throughout the jungle and return. The trek is covered in approximately 30 – 45 minutes of time, depends on how fast you are.

Before reaching the beach we need to cover a ground of nearly 300 metres through marsh land and mangrove forest. The guide helps you all through this, finding ways for you. We usually begin early around 8:00 AM when the temperature is moderate and return back by 1:00 PM after completing snorkelling. However, if you are arriving late then we can schedule the timing accordingly.

Once you reach Elephant beach you rest and make yourself comfortable. Later you can indulge in Snorkeling activity by paying at the spot based upon your interest.
During the trek we make sure that we carry some refreshments. An umbrella can be availed on demand without any extra cost.


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