Places to visit in Puttaparthi

Puttaparthi in a glance :

Coordinates : 14.16 N, 77.81 E

State : Andhra Pradesh

Puttaparathi is a town in Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh. The original name of Puttaparthi was Gollapalli. The town is located on the banks of Chitravathi River which is a tributary of Pennar River, and is surrounded by undulating hills. Here are a few places to visit in Puttaparathi. 

How to reach Puttaparthi

By air :

Puttaparthi has a domestic airport though long distance flights do not arrive here frequently. It is well connected to other South Indian cities. The next closest airport is the Kempe Gowda airport in Bangalore.

By train :

Puttaparthi is well connected to major cities of our country.

By road :

One can find many private and state owned busses plying to Puttaparthi on a regular basis.

Places to visit in Puttaparthi

Anjaneya (Hanuman) Swamy Temple :

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One of the many significant religious centers of the town, the Anjaneya Swamy Temple houses a Siva Linga, believed to be brought by Sathya Sai Baba from Kasim.

Chaitanya Jyoti Museum :

Source : https://www.holidayiq.com/

One of the most beautiful structures in Ashram, is the Chaitanya Jyoti Museum, which houses all stories and incidents of the life of Sai Baba, all the way from his early childhood.

Gopuram :

The entry to the sprawling and elaborate ashram is almost as exquisite. The Ganesh Gate is a structure depicting conventional styles of South-Indian styles and houses an idol of Lord Ganesha.

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The meditation tree :

The meditation tree was planted by Sai Baba himself and is a silent zone for meditation in the Ashram.

Samadhi Shrine :

Near to the Gopuram, one can find the Samadhi Shrine, a cenotaph dedicated to Sai Baba’s parents. The morning prayers are carried here between 9:30Am and 11:30Am and the evening prayers between 4:30PM-6:30PM.

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Sathya Sai Ashram :

The main attraction of this city, the holy abode of Sathya Sai Baba is known as ‘Prashanti Nilayam’, literally translates into ‘the abode of peace’. The ashram has been pulling visitors since ages and does so through out the year signifying one of the most unique and renowned religious organizations in the world, making the town a significant spiritual center.

Sathyabhama Temple :

Puttaparthi houses the only temple in India, dedicated to Sathyabhama, a lover and consort of Lord Krishna. The beautiful temple finds its origin to a dream that Sai Baba’s grandfather had where Sathyabhama appeared and asked him for an abode.

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Spiritual Museum :

Source : https://www.sathyasai.org

Nearby to the University in the ashram is an effort to bring different religions closer. The Spiritual Museum finds foundation in one of Sai Baba’s main teachings, that is the unity of religions.

Village mosque :

Like all strands of religion in Puttaparthi, this one too is tied is tied to Sai Baba. The mosque finds its roots to a incident when a number of accidents used to occur in the area and Sai Baba was asked for help, who asked them to dig at a specific spot, where they found a plate with Muslim inscriptions.

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What to Eat in Puttaparthi :

Being a religious town, only vegetarian food is available here. However cuisines of different countries are also available giving the town an almost surprising and rich variety in food. Local dishes include Laskora Undalu (coconut laddu) Sunnundallu, Pachadi-typically made of vegetables/greens and roasted green/red chilies, Pappu Koora(Lentil based dish), Vepudu(Fry)- crispy fried vegetables, Garelu (A type of Vada), Dosa, Chutney, Sambhar are some of the popular dishes available here.


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