Places to visit in Shillong

David Scott Trail

Most popular trekking routes of Meghalaya, this path was originally laid by David Scott, a British officer as early as in the 1800s. It is still used to commute between Assam and Bangladesh.

Diengiei Peak

Situated on the western side of Shillong, is 6200 ft in altitude, this peak is just 200 ft shorter than the tallest peak in Shillong, Shillong Peak. For a height of about 1000 ft, the gradient of this peak is very steep and precipitous which makes for excellent mountain climbing.

Don Bosco Museum

A theme museum with collective information on the entire North Eastern stated of India, the museum exhibits a wide collection of regional artwork, attires, accoutrements, handicrafts, ornamentation, photographs and weapons. The museum consists of a seven storey building with seventeen galleries.

Elephant Falls

Definitely the most popular tourist site of Shillong, these falls are 12km from the city and can be easily reached by public transport. It is a collection of three smaller falls which eventually merge into one.


A famous health resort. Hot sulphur springs with medicinal properties is it’s USP.

Lady Hydari Park

One of the most famous tourist spots of Shillong, the park is dedicated to the first lady of the province – Lady Hydari. This sprawling park encompasses a wide variety of flora along with a cute mini zoo housing 73 species of birds and over 100 reptiles.


Also located in the East Khasi district, this village has won the title of Asia’s cleanest village in 2003 and India’s cleanest village in 2005. This village is also referred as God’s own garden.


25km from Shillong, this place is popular for being home to Meghalaya’s most renowned forest groves – the Sacred Forest. It is known as nature’s own museum with a wide variety of flora – aroids, ferns, orchids and a lot more.


Currently the wettest place on earth (tough competition with Cherrapunjee), Mawsynram receives 12m of rain anually. The generousity of mother nature can be easily seen and experienced with the fresh air, blue skies waterfalls and lush greenery.

Meghalaya State Museum

The museum, a great attraction for tourists, exhibits vast collection of artefacts of tribal era and a collection of ancient scriptures. The museum is situated within the State Central Library complex at Laichumiere and is managed by the government of Meghalay.


Translated into ‘Stone of France’, this is a monument dedicated to the the Khasi Labour Corps who had faught during the World War I. An inscription on the stone reads, ‘it is sweet to die for one’s country’ .

Shillong Peak

At 1965 m above the sea level, this peak is the heighest of the province of Himalayas. The view peak is absolutely spell binding with a magnificent view of the Shillong city and the Himalayan peaks.


At 1343m above sea level, an ideal location to meet nature. Sohpetbneng means ‘navel of heaven’ in the local language and is truly heaven – with the breathtaking view of Shillong it offers.

Spread Eagle Falls

Located in the East Khasi Districst, 6km from the city these falls are considered to be the widest in all of Shillong. The falls gush down steep hills and into a masive pool.

Sweet Falls

One of the steepest and the most mesmerising falls of the country. The sound of gurgling water, chirping birds, the feel of the falling water and the lush greenery – all together just take your breath away.

Umiam Lake

A beautiful lake, comparing with international lakes, this one covers over 10 sq. km. A wide variety of activities including rowing, paddle boating, scooting, etc. are offered here. A pretty grden is also a part of the complex.

Ward’s Lake

A pretty artificaial lake surrounded by gardens is an ideal evening get away! Also known as the Polok Lake, it is usually flocked by couples, picnicers and locals.

Meghalaya – Special cuisine

Meghalya’s cuisine is liberal, surprising and tinted with influences of the tribal cultures and styles the area. The food is simple and mild but an almost staple dash of spice and unique ingredients makes the platter here standout. Rice with spicy meat and fish preparations is the staple food of people in Meghalaya. Ferment rice beer usually accompanies religious rites and major ceremonies and celebrations.Dohshaiin, Tungtab, red rice, Jadoh, Dohneiihong, Makham-Bitchi and Kappa are the delicacies that are almost constant in a traditional and authentic Meghalayan cuisine, so are the vegetarian options, Jhur Sideh, Daineiiong, and Muli Khleh.

What to Eat in Shillong :

Local Food and Cuisine

Shillong fosters the flavors, colors, elements and popular dishes of an authentic Meghalayan cuisine. Do try the local preparations such as Tungtab which is a preparation of fermented dry fish, a wide variety of Momos, Tarumbai, which are fermented beans as well as the very popular Dohneiiong, a i> Dohneiiong, a preparation of pork using local spices.One must also indulge in Kyat which is a beverage prepared from rice. A traditional and refreshing item is the Kwai prepared from betel nuts. Other than these Shillong’s restaurants have enough choices from Chinese, Indian and Tibetan cuisines.


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