Places to visit in Shivanasamudra

Sivanasamudra in a glance :

Coordinates: 12.2997° N, 77.1773° E

State: Karnataka

Sivanasamudra is a small city in the Mandya District of the state of Karnataka. It is situated on the banks of the river Kaveri, which forms here the boundary to the Chamarajanagar District. Here are a few places to visit in Sivanasamudra.

How to reach Sivanasamudra:

By flight :

Shivanasamudram does not have an airport and Mysore is the nearest airport. Bangalore is also close by and major international flights land at this airport. Mysore is located at a distance of 65 kilometres while Bangalore is 130 kilometers by road. Taxis are easily available for hire from both these cities.

By road :

Road travel is the fastest and most convenient way to get to Shivanasamudram since it does not have a railway station or an airport. The nearest city is Mysore which is about 65 kilometres away, and it takes just over an hour to travel this distance. There are regular buses from nearby major cities like Bangalore and Mysore as well as from smaller towns like Salem, Mandya, Peelamedu and Ramnagar. Taxis from the smaller towns are not very frequent, but finding one from Bangalore or Mysore is very easy, and no prior booking is required except during the tourist season.

By train :

Shivanasamudram does not have a railway station and the rail line ends at Muddur which is 50 kilometres away. From Maddur, it takes about an hour to get the Shivanasamudram by road. Buses are regularly available but taxis and cars are less frequent.

Places to visit and things to do in Sivanasamudra

Activities near Shivanasamundram Waterfall:

Fishing can be carried out at the Shivasamundram waterfalls with the best and biggest tropical sporting fish available here. Trekking is enjoyed by tourists in the rocky terrains at Shivanasamundram.

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Barachukki and Gaganachukki Falls :

Source :

The Barachukki Falls cascades down from a foot of 250 feet with a U section resembling the Niagara Falls. The Gaganachukki falls is a brilliant sight especially after the rains when the River Kaveri is full.

What to Eat in Shivanasamundram:

One can indulge in a rich variety of Udipi and South Indian cuisine in the area. You can find delicacies like Dosa, Bisi Bele Bath, Akki Roti, Jolada Roti, Idli, Vada, Sambhar, Kesari Bath, Ragi Mudde, Uppittu, and Vangi Bath to name a few dishes. Traditional and local sweets like Mysore Pak, Obbattu, Dharwad Peda, Chi Peda, Chiroti can be found here.


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