Street Foods OF Mumbai

The cultural array of Mumbai can be apparent in the comestible affluence that the city-limits offers in the anatomy of artery aliment with Muslim, Gujarati, South Indian, Parsi, and Maharashtrian influences. These flavors, colors, and textures actualize dishes that pop in your mouths after burdening your pockets. If you are a foodie, again you are advantageous to be in Mumbai because you accept a deluge of best places to eat artery aliment in Mumbai.

Street Foods OF Mumbai

Vada Pav


Vada Pav, or the Poor Man’s Burger, is a part of the top Mumbai artery aliment dishes. It is about a bun aliment (pav) and a fritter(vada) blimp with mashed potato. The bowl is served with ambrosial and candied chutneys, absurd chilies, and garlic crumb chutney.

Popular Variants: Schezwan, cheese, and broiled Vada Pav

Where To Try: Anand Vada Pav Arrest and Parleshwar Vada Pav Samrat in Vile Parle West

Misal Pav


Quintessentially from Pune, the bowl is a mix of curried lentils, topped with potato bhaaji, poha, chivada, chopped onions, and tomato. This hot and ambrosial artery aliment of Mumbai is eaten with pav and yogurt. If you are searching for options in advantageous artery aliment in Mumbai, again Misal Pav has got your back. Start your morning with this sumptuous, advantageous breakfast.

Where To Try: Mamledar Kacheri at Naupada in Thane West

Pav Bhaaji


Another accepted Bombay artery aliment is the Pav Bhaaji. An array of mashed vegetables adapted with spices and seasonings (bhaaji) is served with bun aliment (pav) acrimonious on a pan. Adulate is activated on the bun. If you are adrift athirst and searching for artery aliment in mumbai at night, again you will acquisition at atomic one Pav Bhaji arrest accessible backward in night in your breadth area you can annihilate your ache pangs.

Where To Try: Cannon Pav Bhaji on Dadabhaji Naoroji Road abreast CST

Bhel Puri and Sev Puri


Among the vegetarian dishes of artery aliment in Mumbai, Bhel Puri and Sev Puri are the a lot of accepted ones. Bhel Puri is a Marathi Chaat fabricated out of aloof rice, vegetables, and a appealing tamarind sauce. Sev Puri is addition chaat about fabricated of Puri loaded with diced potatoes, onions, 3 chutneys (tamarind, chili, and garlic), and topped with sev (small pieces of brittle noodles fabricated from chickpea abrade paste). It is acclimatized with raw mango or a adumbration of auto and chaat masala.

Where To Try: Sharmajee’s and Badshah’s at Girgaon Chaupati Beach at Marina Drive

Batata Vada


Batata Vada, bargain accepted as Aloo Bonda, is a accepted Mumbai artery aliment that consists of potato brew patty coated with deep-fried banty pea flour. Salt, turmeric, and red chili crumb seasonings are added and the bowl is served with blooming chutney and absurd blooming chilies. Basically, it is a mashed potato pakora fabricated in Mumbai appearance that you care to try.

Where To Try: Shrikrishna in Dadar Market

Ragda Pattice


Top artery aliment in Mumbai, Ragda Pattice is a aggregate of ragda – bendable and ambrosial asperous flavored banty peas – and pattice – abysmal absurd patties of mashed potatoes. The ragda is ashamed with pattice and cautiously chopped onions, tamarind sauce, and blooming chutney is caked on it.

Where To Try: Kailash Parbat at Sheela Mahal in Colaba

Bombay Sandwich


The Bombay Sandwich is a artery aliment of Mumbai with a aggregate of a lot of absurd ingredients. It consists of three buttered white aliment slices with slices of beetroot, above potatoes, cucumbers, onion rings, and excellent chutney amid them. The sandwich aswell comes with a broiled variant.

Where To Try: Mafco Farm Fair on Worli Sea Face and Sandwich Wallah alfresco Xavier’s College in VT

Akuri On Toast


Akuri, a accepted artery aliment of Mumbai, is a ambrosial accolade egg Parsi bowl flavored with absurd onions, ginger, coriander, chopped chilies, and atramentous pepper. It is commonly eaten with aliment toast. You can calmly acquisition it in cafes of Mumbai and choke it up with hot cup of chai.

Where To Try: Khyani & Co. in Marine Lines and Jimmy Boy on Bank Artery abreast Horniman Circle

Baida Roti


Baida Roti, a accepted Bombay artery food, is a aboveboard shaped absurd patty of spiced meat (chicken, mutton, or mutton brain) with aerated eggs and onions. This adorable artery aliment will leave your athirst glottal abdomen abounding and satisfied.

Where To Try: Bademiyan on Tulloch Road in Colaba



Frankie is a acclaimed artery aliment in Mumbai. It is a dank naan aliment with egg coating, formed with mutton/chicken stuffing. The vegetarian alternative does not use egg coating. The capacity is of paneer or potatoes. Basically, it is a cycle which you can hog down whenever you accept ache affliction in the average of the day or night.

Where To Try: Tibb’s Frankie outlets all over the city



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