Places to visit in Sualkuchi

Sualkuchi in a glance :

Sualkuchi is a census town in Kamrup district in the Indian state of Assam. It is situated on the north bank of the river Brahmaputra, about 35 km from Guwahati. It is also known as the ‘Manchester of Assam’. Here are a few places to visit in Sualkuchi.

Brahmaputra River :

A visit in the evening to the banks of River Brahmaputra will leave you in a complete trance. The sight it presents is spell binding with sun dipping slowly making the river bath in the different hues of colors.

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Ganesh Bigrah Temple :

Ganesh Bigrah is an ancient temple which is believed to be established in 11th century by king Ratnapal. Situated near Ghatia Hills, this temple houses a very majestic stone sculptured idol of Lord Ganesha along with the stone idol of Har-Gouri and a Shivalinga.

Hajo :

Another sacred place located just 1 km from Sualkuchi, Hajo is a land of great religious significance to Hindus as well as Muslims. Housing great relics of spiritualism, devotees and tourists travel here to pray at one of the oldest temples of country.

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Hatisatra :

This is a beautiful monastery of Sualkuchi and Hatisatra is also one of the biggest monasteries in the village. Dedicated to Lord Krishna, the place spreads the splendid message of Vaishnavism culture.

Poa-Mecca :

A celebrated holy shrine of Muslims, Poa-Mecca is situated just next to Madhav temple. As per the inscriptions on the wall of the mosque, it was built in the year 1657 by Mir Lutufullah-i-Shiraji under the rule of Shahjahan.

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Sidheswar Devalaya :

Sualkuchi is a village where many God and Goddess are worshipped. Sidheswar Devalaya is one of the major temples of this silk village dedicated to Lord Shiva and was renovated by the Ahom king Shiba Singha.

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What to eat in Sualkuchi : Sualkuchi, like any other village of Assam serves delicious Assamese cuisine. The main ingredient of all the dishes is which is used in many forms like different type of rice or rice powder. Mostly non-vegetarian dishes are served in restaurant and even the vegetarian food is equally delicious. Fish and and meat are also an important part of the cuisine.


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