Things to do in Suryamal

Suryamal at a glance:

Coordinates:19.7577° N, 73.3469° E

State: Maharashtra

Suryamal is the highest peak of the region, located in Thane district of Maharashtra. The small but beautiful hill is a popular place among people for the sheer breathtaking views that it can be seen from the hilltop.The place is rich in valleys and lush forests that proves to be a treat for nature enthusiasts and for those who wish to escape the city chaos.

How to reach Suryamal :

By flight :

Suryamal does not have an airport, and the nearest airport is located in Mumbai which is about 100 kilometres away by road. From the airport, you can get regular taxis to reach Suryamal, and this is the route preferred by most tourists. Buses run by the government are available up to Thane, but direct buses to Suryamal are very infrequent.

By rail :

Suryamal does not have a railway station, and the nearest railhead is located in Igatpuri which is about 50 kilometres away from Suryamal. There are regular taxis, buses and rickshaws from Igatpuri to Suryamal as it is a popular destination. However, most long distance trains connect to railway stations in Mumbai and Thane, and for those coming from out of the state, this may offer more of choice regarding train timings and cost.

By road :

Road travel is the best and fastest way to reach Suryamal since it is well connected to Mumbai, Thane, Nasik and Igatpuri by road. There are regular taxis and buses from Thane while some private taxi services operate from Mumbai to take passengers to Suryamal. From Igatpuri there are shared rickshaws, private rickshaws, taxis and buses to Suryamal and it takes about an hour to get there.

Places to visit in Suryamal

Suryamal Peak :

Source :

Suryamal peak is the highest peak in the region and is popularly called as the ‘Paradise of Trekkers’. The spectacular views from the peak and the beautiful valleys and forests justifies the popular title.

What to eat in Suryamal :

The local cuisine here is dominated by Maharashtrian food with a blend of South and North Indian cuisines. This place is known for it’s spicy food of curries and fries. Misal – a spicy gravy of potatoes, peas and other sprouts, makes for a mouth-watering meal.Vada Pav is the on the go fast food famous here.


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