Tattapani- Hot Spring Water

Adventure Park

Adventure Park is an idyllic destination for picnic and adventurous activities with family. Situated in the middle of cover of nature and impressive view of river Sutlej, this park offers several thrilling activities like rope bridge, Burma Bridge, commando net and flying fox etc.

Ancient Hanuman Temple

Also known as Jai Shree Dev Badeyogi Ji Maharaj, this temple is a famous temple located in Mandi. A fascinating site awaits you there of local farmers using traditional ways of agriculture.


Chindi, located nearly 35 kms from Tattapani is a place bounded by nature and picturesque views. Lying in Karsong Valley, this place is well known for its incredible apple orchards and picture perfect view of Himalayas.

Hot Water Spring

One of the most sought after place in Tattapani is Hot Water Spring. As the name of this town suggests meaning ‘hot water’, this chain of sulphur springs gushes out hot water on the right bank of River Sutlej.


Once again 35 kms from Tattapani, this temple is an ancient place. Devoted to Mahun Nag, famously referred to as ‘the great snake’ is an ancient temple of Maharaja Karana.

Mountain Biking

Mountain biking in Tattapani is a mind blowing experience amid the peace and calm area. The birds chirping and the view of quaint village are simply amazing.

Shiva cave

An ancient religious place, Shiva Cave is almost 3.5 kms from Tattapani in Saraur. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, the Shivratri celebrations of this temple are extremely enthusiastic.

Trekking and Camping

Trekking is one of the most popular sport activities in Tattapani. The small village housing more hills than roads offers various trekking paths where one can relish the natures beauty along the way.

What to eat in Tattapani :

Local Food and Cuisine

Tattapani is a small town near Shimla. Being situated in North India, the eating joints and restaurants in the area serve food mainly in north Indian cuisine. However, one will also find slight diversity in cuisine with Chinese and Continental.


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