Places to visit in Tholpetty

Tholapetty in a glance :

Tholapetty is a part of the Waynad wildlife sanctuary. This wildlife sanctuary is considered a part of UNESCO’s World Heritage site. Here are a few places to visit in Tholapetty.

Panchatirtha :

Located to the south of Thirunelly Temple is the Panchathirtha, a holy pond believed to be the meeting point of five tirthas or rivers- Sankha, Chakra, Badma, Gatha and Sreepaada, and hence its name.

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Papanashini :

Papanashini River is believed to wash away all worldly sins of all mortals, and thus draws a huge crowd to it. Special permission has to be obtained from Forest Department to go to Pakshipathalam.

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What to Eat in Tholpetty : In Tholpetty, one can have the most popular items of conventional and popular Kerala cuisine. Though the area may not have a standout menu from the places around it, it makes up for the same by simply fostering the food cultures of the state. Hence one can find Ghee Roast Dosa and Malayalyalee Parotha, Biriyani, Appams and Idlis to name a few.


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