Hill stations In South India

Hill stations in South India are famous for their incredible hill stations and when it comes to mesmerizing the people with the natural beauty of hill stations, South India is an ideal destination. If you really want to witness the peace and spectacular beauty of the various hill stations, plan a tour to South India. The perfect solution to convert the soaring high temperature into a complete chill-out vacation lies in these hilly stations in South India. Thus, if you too are looking for calmness and relaxation, then pick from these hill stations in South India.

1. Fall in love with the sky-touching hills in Munnar

hills in Munnar

Munnar is no doubt one of the most beautiful and mesmerizing beauties available in South India. This breathtaking and pristine beauty of nature is located in Kerala. The place is a heaven on earth, surrounded and accompanied by the greenery nature, beautiful lakes and waterfalls, plantation, flora, and fauna.

Things to do: Admiring nature’s beauty, spice tours

How to reach: 130 Km from Kochi

Best time to visit: September to May is a perfect time to visit Munnar.

2. The adventurously mesmerizing Coorg

mesmerizing Coorg

The perfect destination for the mesmerizing and picturesque views and locations is this beautiful hill station of Karnataka. The major attractions for adventurous people are the steep hills of the place. You will clearly fall in love with the beauty of this place.

Things to do: Trekking, rock climbing

How to reach: 20 Km from Mysore

Best time to visit: October to April is a perfect time to visit Coorg

3. Enjoy your holiday in the hilly regions of Ooty

hilly regions of Ooty

Popularly known as the “Queen of the Hills”, Ooty is one of the perfect hill stations which is famous as the holiday destination for the entire family. If considering the qualities of a hill station Ooty has everything that can attract the tourists towards itself.

The green surroundings, high mountains, and scenic beauty of the place will just mesmerize you during your visit.

Things to do on a visit to Ooty: Riding the train, visiting a coffee plantation

How to reach: 47 Km from Mettupalayam

Best time to visit: Throughout the year

4. The attractive beauty of Yercaud

 attractive beauty of Yercaud

Located at a height of 1500 meters above sea level, this hill station guarantees many beautiful and mesmerizing views to the visitors. The surrounding greenery and the relaxing climate of the place offer the best relaxing time to the people.

If you want to experience the best of nature’s beauty on a limited budget then plan a visit to Yercaud.

Things to do on a visit to Yercaud: Visiting coffee plantations and groves of orange

How to reach: Railway station-Salem 36 Km

Best time to visit: September to May is a perfect time to visit Yercaud

5. Take a peaceful and relaxing break at Coonoor

Coonoor, hill stations in south india

This hill station is the favorite for those folks who are searching for that perfect destination that may offer them the most effective combination of peaceful surroundings to relax and mesmerize nature’s beauty to cherish.

Located at a height of 1858 meters above water level, Coonoor would never disappoint you with its charming fantastic thing about exotic lawns and different types of flora.

Things to do: Relaxing

How to reach: Airport- Coimbatore 68 Km

The best time to go to November and February is a perfect time to visit Coonoor

6. Cherish and luxuriate in the intense fantastic Kodaikanal hill station

 Kodaikanal hill station

Located in the region of Tamil Nadu, the picture-perfect beauty of this hill station will make you fall in love within no time. The amazing waterfalls, valleys, forests, lakes, etc. are some of the attractions that make this hill station one of the most popular ones.

Things to do: Boating and trekking

How to reach: Railway station- Kodai 80 Km and Palani 64 Km

Best time to visit: September and October is a perfect time to visit Kodaikanal hill station

7. Witness the eye-catching valleys at Ponmudi

valleys at Ponmudi

This is one of the foremost popular hill stations located in Kerala. The cool breeze at this place will relax you. The picturesque locations of this hill station are another attraction that also catches the eye of the tourists.

Things to do: Jungle safari

How to reach: Railway station- Trivandrum 65 Km

Best time to visit: Throughout the year

8. Refresh yourself with the green surroundings of Ananthagiri Hills

Ananthagiri Hills

This is a proper hill station to escape the scorching summers. This mesmerizing and breath-taking beautiful hill station is often visited by viewers to enhance their thrill.

You will like to explore the stunning view of the waterfalls, lakes, and mountains. Visit this Hill station to experience the simplest of nature’s beauty in an elegant way.

Things to do: Visiting the coffee plantation

How to reach: Railway station- Vikarabad 10 Km

Best time to visit: Throughout the year

9. Witness the wonder of the forest at Idukki

valleys at Ponmudi, hill stations in south india

With the varied tea plantations, tea gardens, national parks, etc. Idukki is a  hill station one in every of the few that may cause you to connect with the wonder of nature instantly. The place helps you to isolate yourself from the strain of the town life and supply magically mesmerizing surroundings to relax. Visit the place together with your dearest and cherish each and every moment spent here.

Things to do: Exploring the flora and fauna

How to reach:  Railway station- Kottayam 133 Km

The best time to go from October to June is a perfect time to visit Idukki

10. Explore the sightseeing of Araku Valley

Araku Valley

Araku Valley is popular amongst the tourists because it offers them non-polluted surroundings where they can relax and cherish some quality time with their loved ones. The mesmerizing and exquisite landscape and valleys present at this hill station attract the people for planning a visit here. It is the proper destination where one can witness the sweetness of nature very closely and intensely.

Things to do: Nature’s walk

How to reach: Airport- Visakhapatnam 112 Km

Best time to visit: Throughout the year

11. Trek and explore your answer at Kudremukha


If you’re one of the journey lovers and are trying to find that perfect hill station where you can perform varied adventurous sports like trekking, camping, etc. then Kudremukh is the perfect destination for you.

The exotic surroundings of the high hills, lakes, rivers, etc. make the whole experience of the visitor’s trip, worthy enough to be remembered throughout life.

Things to do: Adventurous sports

How to reach: Railway station- Mangalore 99 Km

Best time to visit: Throughout the year

12. Feel the homely environment of Nandi Hills

Nandi Hills

If you want to experience the identical comfort as you feel in your homely surroundings, then Nandi Hills is a perfect destination. The picturesque locations of this hill station would never disappoint you with its charm, thus making it the foremost popular hill station.

Things to do: Exploring the wonder of nature

How to reach: Airport- Bangalore 60 Km

Best time to visit: Throughout the year

13.  Popularly known “Coffee Land Of Karnataka”- Chikmagalur

Coffee Land Of Karnataka, hill stations in south india

Chikmagalur is a wonderful hill station, situated within the state of Karnataka. This is the simplest scenic place that maintains pleasant weather throughout the year. Chikmagalur is taken into account because it is the “coffee land of Karnataka”.

It’s famous for its environment, green forests, coffee, and tall mountains. Chikmagalur is a beautiful destination where you can easily get all the fundamental facilities like accommodation, restaurants, transport facilities, and attractions.

Things to do: Enjoy boating, hiking, trekking, and a full lot of activities

How to reach: Nearest airport to Chikmagalur is the Mangalore airport located 113KM away.

Best time to visit: Throughout the year

14. An Eye-catching Tourist Destination- Wayanad


Nestled amidst the majestic mountains of Kerala, Wayanad is a captivating tourist destination that’s popular amongst explorers and travelers widely because of its jungle safari where you can spot exotic animals like Asiatic elephants, tigers, and egrets. People usually visit the famous Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary to visit beautiful waterfalls like Meenmutty waterfalls, Soochipara falls, and Chethalayam waterfalls. Overall, Wayanad is a perfect spot for a calming vacation.

Things to do: Visit Asia’s second Largest Dam and Edakkal Caves,  go caving, enjoy boating, enjoy an exciting trek, cycling, roaming around Town

How to reach Wayanad: Nearest airport to Wayanad is at Kozhikode called the Karipur International Airport located 100 km away.

Best Time to Visit: October to May is a perfect time to visit Wayanad

15. Thick Greenery and exquisite Landscapes Kotagiri

Kotagiri, hill stations in south india

Situated within the Nilgiri Hills, Kotagiri is the third highest hill station. It’s a beautiful town in Tamil Nadu famous for its thick greenery and painted landscapes that provide tourists with a way of tranquility and calm. There are many tourist destinations within Kotagiri that you just can visit like the Kodanad View Point, Catherine Falls, John Sullivan Memorial, and Elk Falls to call some.

How to reach Kotagiri: The Coimbatore Airport located approximately 100 km aloof from Kotagiri

Best Time to Visit: December is a perfect time to visit Kotagiri

16. Magical Meadows and Mystical Gardens – Vagamon

Vagamon, hill stations in south india

Vagamon is a fascinating hill station that is adorned with magical meadows, mystical gardens, beautiful dales, aromatic tea plantations, and misty valleys. There are many incredible sightseeing places in Vagamon. It has surely earned its place among the simplest tourist places in Kerala.

Things to do:  Paragliding, Trekking, Off-Roading, Vagamon Lake- Boat Ride

How to reach Vagamon: Kochi International Airport is 94 km far away from Vagamon.

Best Time to Visit: August to May is a perfect time to visit Vagamon