Places to visit in Toranmal

Aawashabari Point

Lying at the boundary of Madhya Pradesh, Aawashabari Point offers a very stunning view of hilly mountains and the Forest Rest House. Another fascinating sight that this view point offers is of Jalindranath Tempe and ruins of fort of Gond Raja attracting many tourists.

Forest Park and Medicinal Plant Garden

Also referred to as the Garden of Forest Medicines, Forest Park and Medicinal Plant Garden is place packed with numerous plant species of great medicinal value. These plants are used for different purposes of treating ailments.

Khadki Point

Khadki Point is a place that offers captivating view and also serves as a famous trekking region in Toranmal. It is said that ages ago a wall ran along this hill town which is evidenced through the few number of bricks found during the excavation of the town a few years ago.

Lotus Lake

An enchanting sight awaits you at Lotus Lake locally known as Kamal Talao which is covered with beautiful lotus flowers. A stream originating from this lake flows into the Sita Khai presenting a wonderful sight of waterfall.

Machhindranath cave

Machhindranath cave is naturally formed cave which is aid to be a meditating place of Saint Machindranath. Located in the vicinity to this cave are Machindranath Mandir and the Seat of Sage Markendeya.

Shopping in Toranmal

Shopping in the town is limited to few products. Cotton being a major crop grown in the area, clothes made of pure and soft cotton can be purchased. Sugarcane and tur are also available at best prices.

Sita Khai

A destination that will leave you absolutely spellbound, Sita Khai is a place located nearly 1.5 kms from Toranmal. It comprises of a mesmerizing valley which got its name from Seedha Khai.

Torna Devi Temple

Torna devi temple is considered to be as old as 600 years when according to the folklore, the deity of the temple was enshrined. The idol of the Goddess is made up of black stone representing Torna Devi.

Yashavant Lake

Yashavant Lake is a beautiful natural lake spreading over an area of 1.59 sq km. The lake derives its name from Yashwant Rao Chavan, the former Chief Minister of Maharashtra.

What to eat in Toranmal :

Local Food and Cuisine

The town of Toranmal is quite famous for its sugarcane and its products. Being located in Maharashtra, the place also predominantly served the delicious and spicy Maharashtrian cuisine. Delicacies made out of tur, maize, wheat and jowar are quite famous here. Try out the local restaurants and roadsiadside stall for authentic taste of the local dishes.


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