Places to visit in Tranquebar

Fort Dansborg

Fort Dansborg is located in the southern part of Tharagambadi, located 283 km (176 mi) from the state capital, Chennai. It is built in Danish style, characterized by large halls, columned structures, high ceilings and projecting drapery.

Old Danish Cemetery

Along with the scattered houses and Fort Dansborg that are beautiful pieces of Danish architecture, is the cemetery that houses ancient tombstones, even them being exquisite in their own way, carved differently with different beautiful quotes.

The Masilamani Nathar temple

An interesting piece of architecture, the Mansimalai Nathar temple is a mix of Chinese and Tamil architecture, built possibly to attract Chinese traders to Tranquebar. It is 700 years old.

The New Jerusalem Church

The church that was specially built for Christian converts also houses tombs that date back to the 18th century in its cemetery. Adding beauty to the town, this church is on King’s street and one of the first things you will see in Tranquebar.

The town gate

The entry into Tranquebar is marked by the Town gate on King’s street, the main street of Tranquebar.

The Zieganbalg museum complex

The museum houses many interesting articles, the most important one being the first printing press of India. The first book, a bible printed in Tamil was printed here. A true attraction for history buffs.

The Zion Church

A piece of history in itself, and affected only eternally by time, the Zion church falls close to the other places of worship in Tranquebar and is surely worth the visit.

What to eat in Tranquebar :

Local Food and Cuisine

The Bungalow on the Beach on King’s street remains as the only place that sells continental food in the little town at a decent range of INR 200 per head.


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