Places to visit in Tuesang

Tuensang in a glance :

Tuensang  is a town in Nagaland. t is the headquarters of the Tuensang district, the easternmost and the largest district of Nagaland, bordering with Myanmar. Here are a few places to visit in Tuensang.

Changsangmongko :

Between the town of Tuensang and the Hakchung village lies a very interesting village- Changsangmongko. Legend has it that this place is referred to as Changsang because the Chang community settled here.

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Longtrok :

Longtrok is a legendary village which showcases the ancient remnants of the Tsongliyangti and Chungliyangti civilizations through its six celebrated stone structures.

Noklak :

Noklak is a village situated on the rim of the Tuensang District which has gained a lot of tourism due to its tribal festivals, which the tourists attend to see the villagers’ local art forms.

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Tsadang :

Tsadang is an off beat destination situated in the village of Longtrok. It is well known for its two ancient stones that pictures two friends who regularly visited the village of Longtrok.

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What to eat in Tuensang : No major restaurants or food chains can be found in Tuensang. You might only get your hands on some home cooked food and some roadside stalls. Do not miss out on your chance of eating pork made with kidney beans and fermented soy and beef and buffalo meat, as they are specialties of this town.


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