Places to visit in Udupi

Chandramoulishwar Temple


Devoted to Lord Shiva, this temple must be visited by all devotees before visiting the Krishna Temple.

Kaup Beach


A must visit beach in the area, this might just be one of the most beautiful destinations of the town. Also find here a lighthouse, twinkling at a height of 100 ft.

Krishna Temple


A highly revered temple established by the sage Shri Madhvacharya, it dates back to 150 years. The Navagraha Kitki is a feature of this temple, a window with nine holes and beautiful silver carvings, from where the Lord is worshipped by devotees.

Malpe Beach


A perfect spot for a carefree getaway, Malpe beach with its blue expanse of sky and the palm trees dotting the shoreline, is a popular tourist spot.



Well known for the Manipal university, this town is home to multiple educational institutions.



The birthplace of Sri Madhavacharya, a Dvaita philosopher, this village has a number of attractions that depict or mark the events and life of the philosopher. Find here a Banyan tree grown by him and the Madhava Mandir.

What to Eat in Udupi :

Local Food and Cuisine

Udupi is almost synonymous to Udupi restaurants popular all over the world and the traditional Udupi cuisine which gives the cuisine of Karnataka a distinct flavor and personality of its own. Hence, while in Udupi, one must experience the local Udupi cuisine which is rich in flavors, ingredients and variety. The popular items of the platter here are Upma, a wide variety of dosas, Bisi bele bath (a spicy preparation of rice), Idlis, Rasam, Goli baje, Payasa, Kheer, Pelakai Halwa ( Jackfruit Halwa) and countless more.


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