Places to visit in Unakoti

Unokotiswara Kal Bhairava


The central Shiva head is a rock cut carving of a height of 30 feet, including a headdress of 10 feet. A female figure and Goddess Durga are seen on the headdress. This carving is part of the multiple carvings and sculptures on the hill.

Tripura – Special cuisine

Tripura’s cuisine, known as ‘Mui Borok’ to its locals, true to the nature of preparations in North-East, is mild, organic, zesty with subtle yet distinct and aromatic herbs and spices. The food in Tripura derives its elements and flavors from the sections of Muslims, Bengalis and the tribal groups that call it home. Also while rice, fish and other non-vegetarian delicacies might dominate the platter, equally delicious options for vegetarians are available. The food is prepared without any oil and hence is considered healthy and natural.Berma which is a preparation of dry and fermented fish is almost defining to Tripura’s menu. So are the varieties of Chakhwi, Champrai, Gudok, Khalok, Mwkhwi and more. Fish stews and dishes of bamboo shoots are also popular and almost staple. Also, a flattering number of options from Chinese cuisine and a milder and less spicy version of Bengali cuisine are standouts of the state’s cuisine.

What to Eat in Unakoti :

Local Food and Cuisine

The menu of this district borrows dishes from Indian, Bengali and Chinese cuisines. A traditional and local meal would include rice boiled with salt, a vegetable preparation, known as Saumbai and preparations of fish, usually dried and fermented flavoured with local herbs and mild spices. A populA popular local beverage that can be tried is Rice beer


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